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Rex Chimex Blog Terms & Privacy Policy

Respect for your Privacy is coded into our DNA. Since we started Rex Chimex Blog   (RCB), in the year 2015. we've aspired to build services with a set of Strong Privacy Principles in Mind.

RCB provides Articles on various areas of life for our voracious readers to digest and want some more – however we the publishers are readers, our visitors are readers and we all are Leaders.

For example, we currently have various sections such as

Stories – for articles pertaining to tales from people.

Education – for articles related to our Academic life and Success.

Relationship – for articles related to friendship and relationships between opposite sexes.

Inspire – for articles that create Inspirations and give you Hope and Strongholds on life principles.

Religion – for articles that pertain to our beliefs especially Christianity, Islam, Traditionalism and other religions.

Health – for articles related to our fitness and well-being.

Science – for articles related to all areas of scientific findings. - Medical, Biological, Physical, Computer Science.

Gist Mania – for articles related to entertainment - jokes, fashion etc. and happenings around us in our Nation.

All these sections provide the readers with articles of interest.

Visitors are free to send articles they want to publish online especially on our RCB platform.
To be a dominant Article provider and Enlightening Blog/website in Nigeria, Africa and beyond. Through the pursuit of excellence in delivering innovative and quality articles for our Readers Enlightenment.

To practice information dissemination using the internet as medium and presenting articles in an exciting style with impact, objectivity and appeal that generates returns to all stakeholders: the society and the Investors.

RCB passionately subsists on the core values of Teamwork, Respect, Innovation, Integrity and Professionalism (T. R. I. P).

T = we believe that we will serve our readers and other stakeholders better when we work as a team.

R = we are committed to treating our writers and other people with respect, dignity, in a fair and equitable manner.

I = we are committed to continuous innovation as the best means to deliver value. We also believe in delivering our services with integrity and with the highest standard of ethics and accountability.

P = we are committed to being a professional flexible and learning organization.

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Please also read RCB Terms of Service (‘Terms’), which describes the terms under which you use our services.

1. Information we collect:
RCB receives or collects information when we operate and provide our services.
-         You provide us with your Email address when you subscribe to our daily article updates and you are also free to unsubscribe. 

     You can do that via the email you received last in your inbox. Our emails are confidently sent by Google Feed burner Company. Be rest assured that we would never for any reason expose any of your details to the public – build confidence in us.

2. Readers Contribution:
-         Readers are expected to contribute to the growth of this platform by sending in articles when they have any.
-         They can also comment on articles they have interests in and also Suggest Modifications to the article.

3. Advertisement:
We currently run Ads and we promise it won’t be allowed to affect user’s experience.

4. Affiliation:
We have no affiliation with any private or public establishment except with Google.

5. Social Media:
Our usage of the social media e.g., Facebook and Twitter is for alerting our followers on these social platforms of recent updates on our articles and notifications on relevant issues. 
People should not expect the full details of our articles on those platforms.

Updates to our Policy and Terms
We may amend or Update our Privacy Policy and Terms. We will provide you notice of amends to the privacy policy and terms as appropriate.
Your continued use of our services confirms your acceptance of our privacy policy and Terms. Please review our Privacy policy from time to time.

If you have questions about our privacy policy, please CONTACT US

Rex Chimex Blog - Privacy Policy - Anambra - Nigeria.
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