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Thursday, April 30, 2020

God Is For Us Not Against Us

Written by: Muoka Chibuzor G

A lot is happening in our society today; the jaw-dropping crimes, the natural disasters, the awake of deadly pandemics (the novel COVID 19 infection), climaxing hunger crisis and many more. The combination of them all into a soap opera would amount to a super-horror movie. As everyone is watching and a few are praying, it is not out of place for humanity to ask questions and seek urgent answers.

The intriguing facet of this whole breathtaking scenario is that both the believers and atheists are suffering the same ill-fate. The novella law of George Orwell's Animal farm is no longer binding, as all humans are now equal before a microscopic virus. At this point, many are troubled and are asking if God had suddenly turned against humanity; to have allowed disasters to embrace man.

However, God never turned against us, rather in every godly step we took; God had always been for us because He created us in the first place. Yet, it appears as if His awesome presence is unfelt amidst the sufferings and deaths. If one looks closely at the current situation of things in the world, everything looks blurry and unpromising and this has ignited the flames of fear and burnt the robes of courage.

Today, both believers and atheists are observing a lockdown while the economy is going down the drain because the virus is a respecter of none. The global nature of the pandemic whips both the great and small, and closed down places of worship. But then, why should all suffer?

Armies of theories arose, and fingers of blame were being pointed in so many directions, but the Christians knew that it was boldly engraved in the Holy book that nothing can separate us from God our healer, rather than sin. Probably, man has sinned.

However, a speculation beginning with “probably” in this current situation is an understatement for man has been a chronic sinner from the days of yore and the atrocities of man are big enough to warrant the obliteration of the earth.

If we can observe the widely applied Gaussian distribution curve, a bell-shaped curve that looks like a mountain. One would come to realize that there are always a few at the valleys who stay close to the mountain and intercede on behalf of mankind, while the children of Lucifer stand on the peak of the mountain flaunting impunity and insulting the maker of Heaven and Earth. Because of the faithful few, we still have oxygen in the atmosphere today.

Severally, God allowed the destruction of mankind. He allowed fire and brimstone on Sodom and Gomorrah, the world wars, pandemic and endemic diseases, flash floods. Yes, He allowed them to happen, but He never caused them to happen. He allowed Christ to be crucified but He didn't cause the death of Christ. 

We must come to realize that since the fall of man, Doom came and dwelled on Earth; and it always wants to happen if not restricted by God. A wealthy man like Job would have kept living in misery if God never said, "STOP!" to the devil. Surviving a day on earth is all by God's grace. No one who dwells in a world of doom should expect 100% safety, immunity or freedom from temptations, trials, and tribulations conjured by the agents and workers of doom.

Just like the sun shines all over the earth so does the wind of evil blow through the skies, the deserts, the oceans, the mountains, on plane lands, into the keyholes of the doors of our homes and even into the hairy nostrils of the living, whether awake or asleep.

The widespread calamity towards man today might as well be attributed to the fact that many keep silent in the presence of evil. Silence sometimes may not mean being smart. It might as well mean a pat on the back and a go-ahead order for the children of Lucifer to erect skyscrapers while the righteous few dwell in mud houses.

Today, many are religious but not spiritual, many talk of God but admire the devil, many are proud and God has no affinity for them, and many go about their daily businesses every day without saying hi to God in prayers. And when calamity comes, they scream, "God help me!" It now even appears as though the phrase "God help me," is now an involuntary expression emanating from the mouth of both the sane and insane. It is baffling how people can call upon God without trusting in God.

When the plans of God for us do not work out, it is because we have failed ourselves by forgetting that we are the architects of our future. Many voluntarily procrastinate good acts but are zealously proactive in evil ventures, they forget once again that daily acts of today create the future, and when they try to bring the execution of procrastinated acts of today into a brand new tomorrow, it is like dwelling in the past.

If today we fail to plant crops, then there would be no harvest tomorrow, which would translate to hunger and death. If we today decide to keep manufacturing weapons of mass destruction (chemical, biological, nuclear), and procrastinate helping to build a world of harmony, then we would have been preparing in full anticipation of dwelling in futuristic anarchy that would lead to the end of life.

We dare not challenge God, who are we? Should we not be pencils in the hand of the creator? All we can do is to seek His perpetual mercy and grace. Fortunately, He is a merciful God, no wonder he welcomed the prodigal son and promised the crucified dying thief of eternity in Heaven.

However, because we do not understand the nature of God, we then think He can be against us. It would be foolhardy to believe that God can plot evil against man. God is above and beyond grudges which have been the primary cause of disunity in the world today.

In conclusion, God is fair and square. He can't be against us, because He has been with us right from the womb. All we have to do is to seek His face and He will heal our land. He would divide every red sea and save us from the doomed world, to prove to us that He is not against us.

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