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Saturday, November 30, 2019

The Shenanigans of December

Written by: Muoka Chibuzor G

The enmity between good and evil has a deep historical origin, so encompassing and overwhelming that no encyclopaedia can wholly contain. Inevitably, as this war perpetuates, mankind has always been at the receiving end as he always turns out to be the tool of action. Just then it becomes obvious that when two elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers most.  The thriving of evil amongst men during the ember months, which has lead brothers to fight each other, is all fuelled by lust, pride, and anger. The earlier we become alert, the better because if an arrow has not entered deeply, the removal is not hard.

Some began small in January and had evidence of accomplishment in December. However, disappointments arise when people begin big, having all it takes in January, but then end small as December elapses. Such an ugly scenario has been a recurring decimal repeating itself in our society today. Making matters worse, many have been brainwashed to abandon morals during the December period, and walk with the shenanigans (dishonest activities) that bring nothing but troubles to the house of men. They are induced to forget that patience is the key which solves all problems.

In our society today, the end of august and the beginning of the ember months which ends with the festival days of December brings with it a lot of changes that cut across every single aspect of human life. This period of the year is often embraced by the dry weather in Nigeria and has been believed by many to be a season of harvest. Therefore, whoever is found wanting, is said to have wasted the early eight months of the year; with such mentality many people become impatient in what they do, the consequence of impatience can be pictured as drivers endanger the lives of their passengers by over speeding, leading to the occurrence of preventable accidents.

Nobody wants to bear the stigma of poverty and thus there suddenly arises the need to create a “do or die” atmosphere. At first everywhere appeared extremely busy, a laudable improvement, but then suddenly, the initially motivating atmosphere often turns out to be seared by barbaric activities and hijacked by banditry. And in the end many who perpetrated such evil do not make it to the New Year, once caught. The question of interest now becomes; should the ending of the year be the end of life? Or, a breath of fresh air, as we remember the birth of Christ as Christians, and restrategize for the New Year after a deep sober reflection about the past months of the year?

Psychologically, many are traumatized during the December period as they worry about what to eat and wear because they expect visitors who would surely be welcomed merrily. Some worry about cars and other luxuries, while others bring home the disastrous impression of pride, trying to subjugate their poor relatives at home as second class humans. The height of psychological injury during the ember months is quite on the rise and a troubled mind is a lethal bomb.

However, no matter how things become, to maintain psychological integrity, we must understand that the pursuit of even the best things ought to be calm and peaceful. The media especially the broadcasting and publishing media, plays a huge role in conditioning the mind of the society. It is pragmatic that what people read, watch, and hear often they mostly talk about. Thus if the media can project programs and information that helps to advise people during the ember months, that would be a laudable contribution to the betterment of humanity and posterity.

Socially, the December period has been tagged the month of socialization. As most persons feel it is a time to be more open, take everything as fun, and meet people from all walks of life to heighten the level of excitements. Thus, there is an urgent need to buy the latest wears in town and appear as affluent as possible, because the way you appear is the way you would be addressed. Most marital rites occur during this period as many men of the soil who travelled to foreign lands troop in with flashy acquisitions, just like the white men came during the colonial periods with mirrors and we were mesmerized the moment we saw our face for the first time.

Our ladies may not be willing to miss Mr Opportunity who rarely comes around, the saying “opportunity comes but once” suddenly becomes their favourite song. However, meeting people is not a problem as every human is expected to keep friendship in constant repair. The problem only lies in being able to make true friends, who would not complicate one’s life. Hence proper investigations are needed, whether in a fast or slow manner. So many have been carried away by wild excitement and they failed to see the content of the container, and just after the festive period, they discover that they have created new problems for themselves by yoking themselves to wolves in sheep clothing.

Economically, the presence of saboteurs can be felt. They aim to elicit economic sabotage that would lead to the rise in prices of goods, which would be controlled at their own will. The downturn in the Nigerian economy began in the past with the importing of foreign goods and selling them at cheap rates. With time, the mind of the people got turned away as they failed to support or think about locally made products, but was encouraged and manipulated psychologically, by the saboteurs to only prefer foreign products as local products were termed “fake.”

After years of dumping of foreign products in the land, most people do not believe that“original” matchsticks can even be produced in their country. Currently, in Nigeria, during the December periods, the price of foreign products are skyrocketed and controlled by the saboteurs. The consumers would only complain but still end up buying these foreign goods that might even be inferior to locally made goods; this because even the local industries have low products in the market environment and are doomed to shut down due to low patronage.

To checkmate the messy economy, the Nigerian government decided to close the land borders to allow local producers to thrive. And suddenly, people began to realize that the locally produced rice is far more nutritious than imported foreign rice. Pathetically, the integrity of the measures enacted to protect the economy has also been undermined by acts of dishonesty amongst government officials, and this rings a bell of warning, the desire to call to order the morality of mankind.

Spirituality has been said to control the physical. In the field of spirituality, checkmating the level of morality is paramount, as people learn how to draw a thick line against indiscipline. In December, the onus lies on the true priests of God to remind the people that the reason for the festive period which was tagged Christmas was to remember and celebrate the birth of Christ as characterized by the doctrines of Christianity. The birth of Christ signifies the liberation of mankind from the shackles of sin, to reassure man of the unconditional love of God, and to remind him that God knows about his worries.

In summary, the festive month of December is not the season to allow self to be psychologically insulted due to lust over luxuries, to become socially pervasive and befriend evil in order to boost pride and ego, or to join the economic saboteurs in anger and harden the lives of the poor so as to make quick money, for they all are the shenanigans of December and must be avoided at all cost.

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