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Sunday, November 03, 2019

Our Focus Our Future

Written by: Muoka Chibuzor G

In Greek Mythology, three blind old witches were sisters. Their names were Dino, Enyo, and Pephredo. They shared one eye. They were wise and can only be wiser if they put the round eye in their respective ocular orbit. Without the eye, they cannot focus any fact nor say anything about the future. 

Indeed, the relationship between the eyes, focus, and the future are inseparable. They stay together like the three blind old witches and bring imaginations to reality. Naturally, if you lose your eye, you lose the ability to focus things visually, and what you cannot see you hardly imagine and comprehend, thus leading to a bleak future.

Failure to hit the bull’s eye is never the fault of the target but the error of the targeters. According to Alejandro Jodorowsky, it is only when the bull’s eye is as large as an elephant in your mind that you would shot and not miss. We all stand as warriors who engage in archery, because we have various aims and life ambitions, and we keep hunting until we die.

The need to focus is indispensable in our daily life because without it we wouldn’t know in which direction to channel our arrows of strength. Focus derives energy from the innermost core of human desires, which is located within the soul and strictly under the influence of the human mind and brain.

Naturally, when you focus on something, the law of attraction comes into play. Its effect is seen because what we focus on tends to multiply. Whatever multiplies in our lives tend to have a great tendency (about 95% probability) to control our future. The remaining 5% has been left out because no level of human focus achieves 100% perfection in a world of uncertainties.

The enemies of focus are the enemies of the future. In life, you are bound to see the hydra-headed monster that seeks the destruction of man by appearing in the forms of trials, temptations, distractions, illnesses, persecutions etc. They bear different names but their primary target is to shift our arrows of strength and make us forget that we were born to win. Pathetically, we aim too low and dwell in mediocrity. Instead of aiming too high and being confident enough to win.

According to Les Brown, most people fail in life not because they aim too high and miss, but they aim too low and hit. The reality of a distracted focus could be likened to a canker ravaging the macula of the human retina. Making him lose the ability to accommodate the details of his vision. Then in the end, without divine intervention, the ambitious man is left with a blurry image of the fabulous world.

In the quest to achieve focus and live the life of our dreams, we must acknowledge that even though we are all allotted the same amount of time every day, it does not infer that we all have the same sort of focus. This embraces the fact that the achievements of everyone will surely differ depending on individual levels of focus.
Some can focus and hit their aim in a year and another would hit in ten years. However, the similarities amongst focused individuals are that they stand tall and firm against the obstacles in their ways and keep aiming and firing their arrows relentlessly. Till the bull’s eye takes the last shot.

Interestingly, we have advanced to the apex of human evolution and have come to complete realization that we cannot achieve focus totally by self-engineered bio-mechanisms (human strength); for though we walk in flesh, we do not war against the flesh alone but also against principalities and powers. We now believe that an external factor must be sought to achieve an optimum focus that would translate into future prosperity.

Truly, the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but are mighty in God who pulls down the strongholds of the enemies. Stories have been told of men who rose and aimed too high but crashed like an aircraft. Humans, being inquisitive in nature, asked questions and they were honestly told, “some of those men believed they had no need for God and claimed atheism, while some ventured into diabolism (occultism) where their original God-given ability to focus was taken away and they were instead given the fake devil’s alternative in the disguise of sudden wealth. And soon they crashed, and their wealth vaporized in the thin air.” This tragedy happened because they forgot that one with God is the majority. 

In wisdom, humans saw that the seeking of God was the wisest thing to do. And after they had done their best, they left the rest for God who humbly perfects the imperfections of man’s ability to focus. And in the end, man enjoys a bright future without blemish.

Finally, I assure you that the enemies of focus must come. They would come to make a fool out of you. When you become a fool, the enemies would rejoice. This can be seen in our society because everyone wants a fool but nobody wants him for a son. But prove them wrong, and place your focus in the hand of God, and as you work, God perfects your imperfections. 

Surely, a day shall come when the whole essence of your focus shall make sense and it would glare like the glorious sun, unhidden and untouchable, and it would shine upon you and your generations to come. Remain focus for it is your future.

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  1. I did not know many interesting facts before. This historical mythology gives an explanation of the events taking place in our modern life. Thanks.



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