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Monday, April 22, 2019

Sex Password (The key to a better marital sexual life)

Written by: Mwangi Magnet

Sex is good and healthy; it strengthens the bond of love in marriage. You should sexually satisfy one another. If you are not sexually satisfied in your marriage, one can be tempted to be unfaithful. Many couples aren’t enjoying sex life like before as when they were green in marriage. Sex to them has become routine and boring and they need to reawaken the passion. Sex starts in the mind and to enjoy it, it needs preparation psychologically. 

In order to improve your sex life:-

1. Have foreplay before sex as you use sweet romantic words.
Tell your partner your erotic zones (where you feel nice when touched and arouses you sexually).

2. Arrange for quiet places where you are not disturbed and switch off your phones.

3. Change places, styles and times. Avoid unnecessary quarrels.

4. Good communication is needed to tell your partner openly when satisfied or in need.

5. Be appreciative after sex and say thank you to one another.

NB: Good sex needs peaceful and relaxed mind and it’s advisable to settle your differences before going to bed. How do you expect your wife to enjoy sex when you have mistreated her during the day? She will be there physically but very far away mentally. Men are also not sexually active when under stress. 

Don’t wait for the time when you are in bed to talk about house rent, school fees or money for salon. Talk about these issues in the table room. Good sex makes one feel relaxed in body and mind. 

Wives should not use sex as a weapon to punish their husbands especially when they want to get money from them. Men should not use their wives as sex tools just for their own satisfaction. A secret I would like to give men is that after sex women love to be held close. 

Men have this tendency of sleeping off at once after sex. This really bores women. Hold her, for a few minutes and you can even say thank you, sweetheart, I love you very much. Men should also know that there are days when women are not in a sexual mood because of their menstruation cycle, so understand them. 

According to my research, I have noted that men who are denied their conjugal rights by their wives become angry and irritated easily and when wives request money from them they refuse. During sexual intercourse, try different sexual positions, but if you try one and it fails, try another. Sex is fun. 

It’s dangerous to watch pornographic movies with the intention to imitate those styles. It’s dirty and exposes one to evil imaginations. Some of the sex styles in pornographic are not only tiresome but dangerous unless one is acrobatics. It’s good to have foreplay before sex to prepare your bodies sexually. 

Partners should take their time and get romantic without feeling ashamed. 
To add spices into your sex life, sometimes create time and talk about how to improve one’s sex life. Communicate what you feel should be done to make sex life more enjoyable. 

You can discuss about the place to visit for a change of environment, tell your partner what she/ he should wear in order to attract you sexually, e.g. some men love when a wife wears a certain colour or a certain type of innerwear, some like white or pink colour, others like when a wife wears a see-through dress. People have different taste and preferences. Also, you can discuss the best time to have sex. 

Some people prefer during the night while children are asleep, others prefer doing it very early in the morning some people jokingly call it Morning glory. Eat foods that increase your sexual stamina and sex drive especially ones with zinc. 

"One must note that alcohol is bad for healthy sex life. It increases the desire but decreases the performance." Sexologist, Dr Vijah Singhal explains. 
Psychological sex (having sex with someone but in mind, you are thinking of someone else) is evil. If you are not faithful to your partner he/ she cannot enjoy sex with you when he/she feels cheated. 

Sex is a God-given gift enjoy it all the time.

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