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Friday, March 01, 2019

A life without Education

Written by: Muoka Chibuzor G

Life stands on the indestructible pillars of learning, because learning never ends, as life never ends. An old man who beats his chest and claims to have lived life to the fullest must be willing to sit among the young and narrate the experiences of his life as an equipped teacher. Therefore, the death of an old person could be likened to the burning of a library. Liberation comes from knowledge and in the absence of knowing the people perish in ignorance.

If you are knowledgeable, the opportunity is available for you to stand before the great and even sit and dine with them. Several misconceptions have taken over the realms of human natural reasoning and quenched the expected desire for curiosity, to deter a man from learning and pushing him into the abject pit of ignorance. Everyone can speak but when a knowledgeable and wise man speaks, the glory of his utterances humbles even the most violent miscreant.

All over the world people seek education. Thus parents send their child to school to learn and then stand by them as they grow. Everyone wants to know and take charge of their life because being an ignoramus in this modern era is tantamount to slavery. But then, the idea of going to school has been attacked by mundane ideas stemming from disgruntled fellows who feel that they can manipulate and gear people towards dwelling in uncivilization. Especially in Africa, there are still people who go around and dishing out information aimed at stopping people from obtaining a formal education.

Truly, everyone needs money, and even the writer loves money. But if money can be gotten even on the “streets” as the gangsters call it, why then does one need long educational training and is even made to think that education guarantees wealth? Well, when education-antagonists want to discourage a naive fellow from going to school, they would usually first broadcast the sad truth about education to their ears with a megaphone, and then hid the beauty of education from them.

The sad truth about education is that it does not guarantee wealth; make no mistake about that. Thus going to school should not be seen as a ticket to becoming the Aliko Dangote of Nigeria or the Bill Gates of the United States. Instead, it should be seen as a ticket to becoming one of the eligible leaders of tomorrow. A leader remains a leader no matter the position occupied, so far as such a position affects the lives of people positively. if the citizenry of a nation is enlightened, the progress of the nation is unstoppable. It would be interesting to note that most of the rich people controlling the economy of the world today are not even highly educated.

From the firm point stated above, it can be deduced that the first thing an education-antagonist can say to youngsters to dissuade them from going to school, is to tell them the sad truth about education. But then, is that all they have to say? If that is all they can say, then it is a pity that they have actually made no point and deserve no accolades. Grant me the permission to add that they have even succeeded in deceiving themselves the more.

The beauty of education lies in knowing that education does not promise the entitlement of the kingdom of heaven and earth as the devil offered to Jesus while He was in the wilderness, nor does it guarantee the possibility of becoming a multi-billionaire. However, education strongly opens the gates of opportunity; in essence, education is the gatekeeper of opportunities. With opportunity, anything is achievable, thus, whatever opens the gates of opportunity must be taken very seriously. 

The life we live today is an opportunity; everything you do and will do is an opportunity because nothing was ever guaranteed in life in the first place. Thus everyone needs the key that can unlock the gates of opportunities to enhance comfortability in life and longevity, and education is the greatest key that unlocks opportunities. In fact, a philosopher once described education as an ornament in adversity. With education you can see yourself in places your mind may have only imagined.

Education can turn the son of a road sweeper to a great personality; it can liberate the people from destruction and proffer life-saving solutions, in the hands of bad people it becomes a weapon of mass destruction. Thus, when next an education-antagonist comes to you and asks you why you decided to go to school, do not say because you want to make money. If you say that you become vulnerable to their manipulations, as money still remains the root of all evils. Instead, say I want to go to school because I desire to open the gates of opportunities in my life. This shows the fact that you desire education with the right mentality.

Finally, money is a visitor, and it probably visits mostly the home of the knowledgeable. Therefore go to school and acquire knowledge, put your knowledge to beneficial use and keep working hard believing that every dog has its day. I don’t know what ideas have beclouded your zeal about education; maybe the mistakes of another have placed a gigantic doubt in your shallow mind, stopping you from making the right decisions about your life. But then be wise and seize the opportunity of becoming a better person. The world is changing; therefore go to school if you can. A life without education misses opportunities.

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