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Friday, November 30, 2018

The Servant's Towel

Written by: Muoka Chibuzor

                                                                                                              N.B. The use of the word “MAN” in this article is unisex.

“Strange is our situation here upon earth. Each of us comes for a short visit not knowing why yet, sometimes seeming to be for a divine purpose. From the standpoint of daily life, however, there is one thing we do know – that man is here for the sake of other men.” – Albert Einstein.

The servant's towel isn't mystical, but rather it is an embodiment of our whole servitude nature at the display for the world to see and assess. Where ever a man goes to, in whatever a man does, the man must ensure that his servant's towel is large enough to wipe away the tears and ignorance of men that crosses his path and make their present life better than their past.

Some people hang their shoulders like the Eiffel tower of Paris. They desire loads of love, respect and kindness, but enjoy despising, disrespecting, and degrading others. They delight in looking down on others not because they are admiring their shoes, but because they want to spot out how dusty and rusty they are. These set of individuals have no servant's towel that can be used in the service of others.

They have no room for correction but have a very large courtroom where they alone dwell as an eminent judge, for the parochial judgement of others. This unethical behaviour is as a result of their illusional state of mind, which dwells in self-acclaimed perfection and lust for undeserved attributes. “One's pride will bring him low, but he who is lowly in spirit will obtain honour.” - Proverbs 29:23

The portmanteau "service-rendering" might mean different things to different people, but in this context, service-rendering revolves around doing the best you can in godliness and morality, within the ambit of what God has blessed you with, so as to place a smile on the face of your fellow man.

Whatever good you have done for your fellow man, you have shown and sown an act of kindness recognized by God and the entire humanity at large. Doing good entails not alone the showering of gifts, accolades and assistance, but also includes the helpful admonishments and undeterred reprimanding of dishonest doings. Doing well embraces all facets of constant corrections.

A man of humility is a man after God's own heart. He is neither unnecessarily proud nor arrogant, but delights in carrying his large servant's towel to wherever he's going, to ensure it’s well used and exhausted in the service of others. He does not hoard the talents of God in his life. In-turn, as he utilizes his talent in the service of others, his talent sharpens and approaches a state of perfection; thereby, making way for him (breakthroughs).

He understands that talent is God-given but fame is man given. Whence, the expiry of a man's fame can't stop his God-given talent. For the talent dwells with him and is his alone, an internal deposit at his beck and call. “Your talent is God’s gift to you. What you do with it is your Gift back to God.” – Leo Buscaglia

Every service to humanity is a service to God. The things we do, whether in secrecy or publicly, speak voluminously of who we are, because the way we do anything, is the way we do everything. Being the candlelight in the darkish life of another is indeed a deed of excellence if one understands that the deeds of a man are another form of immortality when he is gone. This is because his glory and acts live on in the memories of the living and speak in his absence.

When a man has done good deeds, he moves boldly to the realms of the dead in excellence. He is neither timid nor afraid because both the earth and heavens are happy with him, and if the plants and birds of the air could speak, they would render eulogies to him, and as well prostrate and congratulate him. Having seen all this, Gautama Buddha suggests to us, "Fashion your life as a garland of beautiful deeds."

Some think it’s only when you have in excess that you can actually give. However, it’s from the little that you have that you give, after all, all fingers are unequal. And their inequality from time immemorial attests to the fact that we can only rise by standing on the shoulders of another. An old man once said to me, "All men are equally created, but unequal talented," meaning that if everyone was equally talented, then no one would have the need for another.

Therefore, whether you have much or little, it shouldn’t change anything, rather you should always be in love with the six lettered words G.I.V.I.N.G. If you refuse to give when you have little, even when you have the surplus, giving would still be a daunting hard task. If you only give in surpluses, then you dwell in hypocrisy.

And Jesus said, “Truly, I tell you, this poor widow has put in more than all of them. For they all contributed out of their abundance, but she out of her poverty, put in all she had to live on.” The story of the widow’s mite teaches that giving isn’t all about size but all about sacrifice, according to Mother Teresa who was an Albanian-Indian Roman Catholic nun, she said, “intense love does not measure, it just gives.”

The servant’s towel is magical when you use it, you tend to unfold in total self-discovery, and move towards desired perfection as a human being. In support of this possibility, a Chinese adage states, "a gem cannot be polished without friction nor man perfected without trials." Each of our acts has a frequency vibe which is a form of signals that attract both positive and negative forces. Thus, in the course of service, when we encounter these oppositional forces, it serves as a frictional surface for sharpening our horizon and bringing out the best in us.

But the best part of the encounter is that only the pure in heart can stand before evil, and only the confident in mind subdues negativity. The man who hid his servant’s towel is a coward and may never discover his true identity till eternity, for in actuality; one can only discover true self while in the act of losing self in the service of others.

If everyone refuses to assist another, the world would appear to be locked down in a stagnant vicious system where progress becomes a mirage. To naturally instigate humans to engage in mutual assistance and services, several of my investigations had revealed that nature had already made the world a small one by creating the “pyramid of mutual-living” which is surrounded by positive and negative forces. To ascend to the peak of the pyramid, the positive forces must overwhelm the negative forces. These opposing forces have ever been present from the inception of a living man and there is nothing anyone can do to make one absent in the presence of the other.

The “pyramid of mutual-living” explains that the higher you go in life, as a man approaches the peak of his career (peak of the pyramid), the smaller the world becomes because everyone seems to connect to him, and the more visibility he achieves. Then as he becomes more visible even to the blind, naturally he becomes more equipped to lend a helping hand to another in need. All these are predominantly happening at the peak of his life, at the top of the pyramid.

But then at this point of his life, if he refuses to do the needful, if he refuses to give from that which he has been given, if he fails to recognize that him alone isn’t the first to own that which he has, the negative forces acting against him would tend to overwhelm the positive forces that took him to the peak of the pyramid, and downthrows him to a state of perpetual regret.

That's why the proud doesn't make it thus far because forces of hindrances will surely come against him and try to remind and ask him questions about where he kept his servants towel. Did you burn it? Did you hide it? Your downfall is near if you don't answer. This also explains why leaders are “glorified servants". However, our societies of today deserve a leader and not a ruler, the presence of arrogant rulers and the absence of humble servants is the reason why negativity has engulfed promising nations.

Let’s rise and pick up our servants towel to love and serve mankind in humility and honesty. If we do not serve God as a result of sheer ignorance; the stones, oceans, celestial bodies, trees and animals will immediately rise and serve HIM. Also, if we do keep extending acts of wickedness amongst ourselves, then we would only end up destroying the beauty of a world created by a loving God.

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