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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Formal Education Is Better Than Informal Education

Written by: Muoka Chibuzor G Bsc

Education is a process of training which can occur in various areas and stages of a person’s life. In fact, education is all about learning, and when a man stops learning, he starts dying. This is because learning is a daily activity that occurs from childhood to adulthood, until old age and to the grave.

The essence of education is to change and make an individual better than he or she was before, by the impartation of virtue, skills, and knowledge. Before the coming of western education in Nigeria, there has been a form of education existing then and still existing till today, it was informal education. But informal education had several limitations, because it was very crude and primitive, and could barely provide strong solutions to the problems of man.

Formal education is education delivered by trained teachers in a sequential manner within schools, or universities. It is used to polish an individual to become a greater personality in society. Informal education is what everyone has, but formal education is what an opportune few have, and that’s why it is special. There is no doubt saying that formal education is better than informal education with the following reasons of mine.

Firstly, formal education is the driver of modernization. In the olden days, when formal education was absent, life activities were much difficult. This could be seen in the field of agriculture where hoes and matchets were used instead of machines as in modernized agriculture today. Also, several ungodly practices were occurring during those periods of complete informal education. But today formal education has changed our society from ancient to modern, making technology very available and useful. Also, bad cultural practices such as the killing of twins and the slave trade have all been abolished as a result of the presence of formal education. Indeed, formal education burned the bridge of ignorance.

Secondly, formal education completes a man. A man may have an informal education but yet he is incomplete and might always feel intimidated by the educated elites of the society. Formal education completes a man and brings out the intellectual best in him. Without formal education, a man may remain incomplete and unable to attain full potential in life. But with formal education, one can become a scientist, clergy, ambassador, teacher etc. These prestigious professions are only achievable with formal education.

Thirdly, formal education makes life more meaningful. There is a biblical saying, “my people perish because of lack of knowledge.” This saying points to the fact that with knowledge (formal education) life can be understood and a complex thing can be made simpler, thereby preventing mankind from perishing. Without medical research and knowledge, the truth about HIV/AIDS would have remained hidden till today and when people die mysteriously, they call upon gods to save them when their problem is just a tiny virus that spreads from an infected person to a non-infected person through various means that usually involve bodily fluids and secretions.

Fourthly, formal education promotes international relationships. Any society that lacks formal education in this 21st century is in trouble. This is because no nation has all it takes to stay alone. There must be some form of communication with the international community. Therefore, to facilitate communication and foster progress, formal education must be embraced. This explains why the Nigerian government is doing everything possible to ensure that every child goes to school and every Nigerian youth attends the university, so as to build a nation filled with learned men and women for a better international communication and recognition.

Lastly, formal education inculcates the habit of reading into a man. There is a saying that “readers are leaders.” This saying point to the fact that one can only be known if one reads books; and that is what formal education tries to make us do. Formal education makes us read (study) and as one studies, one becomes knowledgeable and eligible to be in a position of leading others. Therefore, formal education is very important.

Having stated the following points of mine, I hope I have been able to convince you that “Formal education is better than Informal education.” The truth does not hide, it’s always like the sun shining during the day, and like the moon shining all through the night.

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