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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

How To Pass Your 2nd MBBS exam In Nigerian Universities

Written byDr Enemuo Emeka H
(Consultant physician\pulmonologist at NAUTHNnewi  and a member of CMDA Nigeria.)

Medical training is quite unique. The reason for its uniqueness is not farfetched. It involves human life. As a result, there is no room for mistakes. There must be perfection and exactness.

In order to achieve this noble goal, students are subjected to rigorous training, a lot of continuous assessments and examinations.

For one to excel, preparation must start early and one must study hard. One should develop real interest in the subjects and concentrate while studying. Study must be done when understanding and concentration is maximal, like very early in the morning. There may be need to jot down salient points as you study and you can use mnemonics to help remember some fact. Always aim to go through the scheme of work several times before examination. The more you go through your work, the better you remember. 

There is need to have academic discussion groups. The number of people in each group should be small so that every member will be able to contribute to the discussions. The topics to be discussed should be revised by every member so that all can participate actively. The timing should be when people will like to take a break and should not be long. It must be well utilized, and should not be used for ‘gisting’ or that will defeat the aim.

For those in the clinical section, ward rounds and clinics are indispensable. Students should always make themselves available for that and participate actively. One should clerk patients and present cases. Join in full unit activities including calls. Form the habit of coming around in the evenings to the wards to clerk some interesting cases. Read their folders and see how their cases are being managed by your seniors. 

Remember that in medicine, apart from academics, there is the need for skill acquisition. To acquire skill, like an apprentice, you must stay close to your seniors and see how they do things. There is no better way to learn how to set up an intravenous line or a catheter than to watch your senior do it and try your hand on it under their supervision. Some of the things you will be asked during the examination.

Never forget to revise past questions. Practice essay writing and give it to your seniors to mark for you. Also solve multiple choice questions (MCQS). They will help you to see how prepared you are. Despite the academics demand, continue to maintain a close walk with God. Remember that apart from Him you can do nothing. The maxim is; “read as if all depends on reading and pray as if all depends on prayer”.

Finally, medical training demands a lot of hard work, not just as students but also as doctors. We should therefore as the scripture says, study to show ourselves approved unto God, a workman that need not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. Our goal should be to excel both academically, spiritually. Failure in any aspect will bring reproach to the gospel. If we prepare for exams in this manner, we will always pass.

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  1. Passing of Mbbs exam is not an easy task for the students. We just need to understand some of the chief essays review concepts . I am sure that people will like this blog so muchan some other blogs like that which are perfect.


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