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Saturday, June 09, 2018

The Power of Human Self Advancement

Written by: Muoka Chibuzor G

“Give me God, give me guts, I would trust them so far as I do not remain the same.” – Muoka.C.G

I hate to burst your bubble at this moment in time. As I strive to bring to your consciousness the power of self-advancement. For the arrogant, you are not better than anybody you strive to compare yourself with and intimidate. For the timid, others are not better than you as you try to underestimate and submerge yourself. You are just always better than your past, and what you used to be. The rightful person to compare yourself with is with your past self, and not with the other person whom you can’t see in your wall mirror; else you seriously insult and shamelessly degrade yourself. Can’t you see and seek human progress and advancement? It’s staring you right in the face, although it’s a pity that man has always been blinded by closed doors, that he often fails to see the beauty of the beasts he encounters in life.

If you have seen troubles, failures, and stagnant progress in life, then do not give up because the emergence of every brand new day is a chance for a brand new start, and an opportunity to straighten crooked nails for proper aiming, and subsequent achievements of desired goals. According to Abraham Lincoln, he said, “The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time.” For persons on bended knees, in profuse tears, and total confusion, do not despair for there is hope even at the eleventh hour. All hopes may only become lost in the absence of life.

You would only believe this if you believe in the self-transforming power of self-advancement. People would brag about everything, but no one brags about possessing the exact DNA of another, nor tied to the destiny of another. The awareness of this golden fact should send a bolt of free-flowing empowerment signals to our brains for us to understand that we are all unique and irreplaceable in our respective ways. We are great, and almighty in nature. Ask the great and old, read discovery books of the ancient, and think about what we have in stock today.

They would all reveal to you that man has been a product of evolution and advancement. The incompleteness of one, and the presence of this completeness in another supports the fact that no single tree makes a forest, and in unity shall we surely stand, else we fall and shatter like the biblical Tower of Babel. The only way to become irreplaceable is to be always productive and active in a different way, being an original and not a copycat is the key to irreplaceability in a world of possibilities.

For the wellbeing of the society, every man is expected to play a growth-promoting role, and this can only be achieved when everyman tries to make the best use of his talents and possessions. If everyman would light his lamp, every atom of misery would be forgotten history. Our powers and strengths are not meant for maltreating or subduing the weak, nor is it a licence for tyranny and gross nepotism. But, rather, it’s a blessing whose light should be allowed to shine on everyone that crosses your path, so that they can as well see the right path in the midst of darkness, and climb the hurdles of life with ease amid unforeseen circumstances.  Man is God in human form and an act of kindness could become a seed that was unknowingly sown to sprout during the unpredictable days of evil.

Accomplishments and greater heights in life are totally dependent on what our minds can conceive. To conceive in this context means to be impregnated with a thought, of which can be positive or negative and this is dependent on the level of human exposure. You can only conceive what you have an idea of, what a man hasn’t seen is always greater than him no matter his height and pedigree of knowledge. That’s why knowledge seeking is a must from cradle to the grave. But constant preparation is the panacea for unforeseen circumstances and a saviour in the midst of the unknown. Exposure is a great catalyst for human advancement. You should always try for you can never tell, for even a drop of water can give life to long-forgotten seeds buried below the earth crust. When you are not exposed, you will decompose with your potentials. A Chinese proverb says, “the gem cannot be polished without friction nor man perfected without trials.” He, who shies away from challenges, will be chained in perpetual cowardice. What a misery?

No one can tell at this moment what you are thinking of, because your thoughts are the seeds that are sown and allowed to germinate in the invisible farmland of your soul, of which is the mind. Thoughts move from invisibility to visibility when you decide to drag them out from the hidden farmland (the mind) where they are germinating to the real world of the day, for the rays of the sun to shine on them, else they may remain hidden forever. Unfortunately, it’s a pity that we as supposed punctual gardeners often do allow weeds to grow in the precious farmland of our soul. We often do allow negative thoughts find its way into our minds and instincts, and that which defiles a man is that which comes out of a man.

You can only live a healthier lifestyle if you decide to work on yourself. Nobody, I repeat, nobody on this planet is going to do that for you because everyone else is pretty preoccupied and very busy happily and dancingly working on themselves. Good health is the primary trigger of our existence and the reason for our living life as we often call it. Health is wealth, and no bedridden man will ever seek for riches, ambitions, and luxury, all he desires is good health. Health is very cheap but very costly when we fail to know the value of it. A life of moderation is the key to good health because the excessiveness of anything, be it water the molecule of life, can kill. The maintenance of health can only be achieved by consistent self-advancement in every facet of life of which includes; mentally, physically, morally, spiritually and otherwise. In fact, the state of being in good health is the product of a constantly maintained internal and external milieu.

Let’s cite an example, it’s a clear fact that both the Jews and the gentiles know that smokers are liable to die young; it’s boldly written and perfectly engraved on every single pack of every tobacco brand. Smoking can cause lung diseases ranging from developing hardness of breathing (emphysema) to lung cancer, people always see what the exhaust pipes of old vehicles look like as a result of the continuous smokes emanating from them, but are yet still becoming chain smokers, and now the pertinent question boils down to, “who is to blame? The tobacco industry or the individual in question;” A critical examination of this scenario would make us understand that the individual in question is responsible for his health, and whether the tobacco industry decides to go on promo sales or not. He is not to be beguiled by anybody, nor deceived by vain frivolities so as to toy with his one and only irreplaceable life. In essence, in his hands lies the power to facilitate or destroy the advancement of his own life.

We are strictly the product of what we allow to occur within us. Starting from the invisible mind to the visible cells of the human body, activities are constantly going on. From childhood to adulthood, every part of the human body strives to advance, to become better than it was yesterday. The reason why some people advance in age, and fail to acknowledge that they have a specific role to play on earth, of which is to achieve their dreams and help make the world a better place, is a ship (question) that drowns old men into the ocean of deep thoughts, where they seek help, gasp for air, and slump into perpetual coma.

Could it be the minute distractions of the seconds or the fleeting pleasures of an hour? Could it be the kind of friends you keep, or your inability to understand the elapsing of time? Your future self is begging you to start now to bring him to reality, and this can only be achieved by tapping into the power of self-advancement and working on your God-given potentials, instead of procrastinating and ignoring them.

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