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Friday, June 29, 2018

Living in the endless Time

Written by: Muoka Chibuzor G

Let him who would enjoy a good future waste none of his present (time). – Roger Babson

Time appears to be more mysterious than space because it seems to flow or pass and people seem to advance through it. Tick, tick, tick, time flies just like the unrestricted colourful butterfly and moves in every possible direction. Time is sluggishly-fast and strictly-steady. From the inception of life in its fullness, the time has ever been an attribute of life. Time flies with the beauty and ugliness of every moment, and in a jiffy, all become memories that we can always or barely reflect upon. However, the past, present, and the future are all subjects of time.

Seconds graduate to minutes, minutes accumulate to hours, and just in a snap of the fingers, hours metamorphose into days, months, and years. In a flash, of which would elude the presence of most men, including the prominent whose life-history would then be read, a century is born. According to the Cambridge dictionary, time is that part of existence which is measured in seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, etc., or this process considered as a whole. The wings of time are eternally vast and beyond human amassment and comprehension.  According to Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher, he said, “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man.” In the same vein, no man has the same time twice, for it’s not at the same time and he’s not the same man. Once it’s gone, it’s gone and would never come back again forever in the history of mankind.

Time is an incorruptible airline because on its broad wings, does it carry everyone along at the same time and pace, irrespective of human’s diverse desires. It does not discriminate by race, tribes, belief, colour, or nature. This is true because every man is allotted the same quantity and quality of time, whether one is the president or the lowest peasant living in the dirtiest of all slums in the world. In the laws of time, everyman is merely but a visitor, and his presence or absence would not hinder the wings of time from flapping.

During the medieval age, a period in the European history, between about 1000 AD and 1700 AD, when the power of kings, people of high rank and the Christian Church was extremely strong and influential. Men became fiercely active in several kinds of research as they sought to provide answers to the unexplainable events of life. Although they were hindered by religious doctrines, some of them still had the salts of persistence and innovation in them. Such men included the Italian scientist known as Galileo Galilei who ventured into Time related research. He was well known for having made a sound breakthrough in the sciences of motion. And some of his ideas were perceived as heresy, thus he was persecuted by the church, as he became famous for his invention of the telescope and breakthroughs in astronomy. All these did Galileo indulged in, for the decipherability of time.

Philosophers of the ancients had a great passion for time, hence, they ventured into the study of time maximization because time was an invincible friend who could neither be kept forever nor left alone. From every perspective, the time has always been here with us. But then, the reason why time remains an insufficient resource remains a pertinent question lurking in the minds of men. It was later revealed that time has never been insufficient but men have ever been inefficient in the proper use of time and timing of events.

Having examined time as a sole entity, the moment is now ripe to look at time as a servant and not as a master. It might be shocking to discover that time can be a very loyal servant if only we can utilize all that it has to offer to the very last. Time becomes an arrogant master to the unprepared because it would only pile pressure upon them and then squeeze out the life from them. There would always be ample amount of time because one would only have time for that which he makes out time for. If one fails to plan in time, then he plans to fail in time.

Time is always available for human consumption; we consume time in diverse ways, whether busy or idle. And during the consumption of time, results occur, whether good or bad. The wise consumption of time has always been the yardstick with which human success has been measured in life. People who made wise use of their time had often been fairly treated by life. Time is a gentleman, you don’t rush him and neither do you pause nor slow him. Time is always taking his time to move at a pace that every man from all walks of life would gladly appreciate.

To elucidate the indispensability of time, a brief reflection on what the perceptions of men have been about time would be of great importance. Men have sat to think and describe time as regards to the situation and circumstances they find themselves in life. The hustlers called time “money”, the academicians called time “knowledge”, some ardent philosophers called time “vanity” when they agreed that all the attributes of life, of which includes “time” where vanity upon vanity. Vanity in this context meant something which is futile and worthless.

The scientists even ventured into metaphysics and astronomy, asking themselves metaphysical questions such as "What is time?" and studying nature and solar bodies to get more in-depth knowledge of the time. The scientists were successful in providing a reliable means of determining and maximizing time when they successfully built the clock and calibrated time to have its basic unit as seconds. The seconds was a short unit of time which is equal to a sixtieth of a minute. However, in the same vein, they were unsuccessful in stopping time.

The early men had no access to modern technology; hence, they devised crude means of which includes using shadow to evaluate time.  The movement of the sun was being observed steadily. The shorter shadows occurred mostly during the day at noon and longer shadows occurred mostly at early hours of the morning at dawn and later hours of the evening at dusk. The relative fluctuations in shadow appearance during the periods of morning and evening helped them determine time. Also, the early morning crow of the cock was an ancient wakeup call to all mankind.

Men on their dying bed often asked for more time, but time has always been there, and would always be there, both before and after their existence. The only problem was that they were now humanly incapacitated to consume more than their allotted period of time as none was granted the rarest gift of immortality.

Finally, there is time for everything. Time would pass with the winds and tides of the season, time can even come with the armies and chariots of war, or with the arbitrators and seekers of peace. In time the young grow old and the old grow young in mind. Time is an indispensable facet of human life and civilization. The wise utilization of time is the source of revelation for human capability. Use your time wisely and only then have you lived your life in full.

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