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Monday, May 28, 2018

The Perfect Man, a Man of Illusion

Written by: Muoka Chibuzor G

One man's perfection is the rejection of another. - Muoka. C.G

In the beginning, man has always craved for perfection. This was still the reason for man's downfall and demotion in the book of Genesis. When he makes a purchase he seeks for the best, always asking the seller, "I hope this one is the best and the most perfect among the rest?" The seller will happily say "Yes it’s perfect!" While rejoicing in the customer's gullibility. When self-acclaimed perfect men or women want to get married, they seek not for a wife or husband, but for a mystical female or male robot, who claims to have been programmed to never have made a mistake since birth, a human computer in essence.

When these self-acclaimed perfect men and women discover that what they bargained for was not what they got, waves of trouble arises. Possibly, such problems would have been averted or condoned if they had acknowledged that man and his products are imperfect entities. This would help to cut down their obscene expectations and possibly elongate human life.

Perfect people are illusions, perfect or idle societies do not exist and neither do perfect persons exist. The only perfect person you think of or you are head over heels in love with is that person you do not truly know and understand. Yes! You don't know the person in total, because if you actually do, you should be able to not only tell their strengths but also their flaws. This is why most youths get married just to discover they are incompatible.

Being able to tell the flaws and strength of a person, empowers you to become a judge with a weighing balance, to weigh people on your personal scale of preference and decide whether to continue with or withdraw from them. Such experiments would expose you to understand that no one is perfect and for the friendship of two, the patience of one is needed. And for the beauty of the rose, we also water the thorns.

Every man has fears, it may sound weird and unbelievable to you but it is the unadulterated truth. The most fearful person is that person who appears very strong and fearless.  However, you may ask why do they appear to be thick skinned? Where does their strength come from, in the midst of fear? The answer is simply that they have adopted a life supportive kind of ideology and adaptation, and what they believe in is what works for them.

They have this life philosophy that courage is a decision and men are not prisoners of fate but are prisoners of their own mind. They agree that destiny is not a matter of chance, but a matter of choice. It is not something one has to wait for, it’s something that one has to get to work and achieve. Faith with fact is hope, and faith with fiction, illusion, and without work is falsehood and failure.

Some people have been mistaken to be brave because they sat down while others were standing. Not because they were fearless and brave, but because they were afraid to stand in the given situation of things, they were thinking of what people would say, so they become wolves in sheep clothing. The gullible men from afar call them the brave and powerful; they were deceived to believe that all that glitters is gold, while the object in question might be a clay pot coated with golden spray. This clearly explains that the human mind is highly prone to manipulations even in its wisest state. Clearly, neither man nor his machine is 100% efficient, and even the law of thermodynamics can attest to this fact.

People fail to know others very well as a result of the two extremes of the human character of which encompasses excessive love and hatred. When you excessively love someone, their flaws become invisible or absent. In molecular biology, we say it’s genetically deficient. However, love has nothing to do with genes, since it’s an acquired and not an inherited character of a man.

Laughably, this now sounds like voodoo magic! When your brain becomes wired in such a way that their flaws are meaningless to you, but in a normal state you would never have accepted such. Their errors become a catalyst for you to love them more. No wonder early scholars claimed that love is blind. But truly today, it’s becoming crystal clear that whatever can't stand the test of time has no business with perfection but is rather a perfect source of absolute blindness.

When you excessively hate someone, you would abruptly not know anything about them. It’s like bringing the two negative end poles of a magnet to each other; there is a great repulsion, no attraction, and no room for a relationship.

Consequentially, these two extremes can subject one to believe that Mr Kola who is a church priest is perfect and Mrs Kola who is a court Judge is imperfect or vice versa. Such scenarios are seen in our daily life activities, where the erroneous attributions of perfection to our fellow man, beclouds our sound sense of judgement. Then we err and make costly mistakes.

To see through the blurry clouds of acclaimed human perfection and make sound conclusions, one has to abstain from getting drowned in excessive love and unnecessary hatred. He has to acquaint himself with the truth that life is already as perfect as it can be. The perfect time, is anytime one allots to the accomplishment of a valid task since impossibility is a limitation existing in the minds of men.

He should be willing to remould and edit whatever he comes in contact with to suit his taste because readymade items come with readymade troubles. He must be contented with what he has. For, the measure of a man cannot be whether he ever makes mistakes, because he will surely make mistakes. It’s what he does in response to his mistakes that counts and determines his height of perfection in a world of imperfection. We have to apologise, we have to fix the problem, we have to learn from our mistakes, and we have to acknowledge the fact that we are imperfect beings. We were born to be real and not perfect.

Note, even the writer is imperfect for, however, he tries to write, he still encounters errors in his works, so should he cry? No, he wouldn't, because life must go on. And according to Maya Angelou, like Life I rise, soaring so high like the eagles in the skies.

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