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Tuesday, April 03, 2018

The act of God or man, who is the culprit?

Written by: Muoka Chibuzor G

Our background and circumstances may have influenced who we are but we are responsible for who we become. - Barbara Geraci 

The mind of a man is like the fulcrum of a lever, and on each side its either he has a load (problem) he wants to offload, or he is in need of assistance (effort) to be able to offload the load weighing his mind down. When his load is quite enormous, he often seeks for who to blame, forgetting that he could receive assistance to help balance his life, instead of complaining and tagging blames.

Quiet enormous forms of misconceptions have occupied the mind and seat of human reasoning. In the world of today, people could hardly differentiate between the act of God and the act of men. This is because men are dodging from the accusing fingers pointing clearly at them, but they are merely just deceiving themselves.

In this context, an "act" encompasses the deeds of God or man. Therefore, when the acts of a personality are brought to judgement, the judge would solely be looking at the way one has executed a task. How someone decides to carry-out or execute an activity in daily life, is an act. When the act is in motion, it’s an action.

Act as a phenomenon is a subject of light and darkness. Its glaringly clear that our society is deeply rooted in religion. However, as a result of weak modifications, and poor metamorphic advancements in human spirituality, man was conditioned to believe that his errors can also be an act of God, isn't that hilarious? In the same vein, the acts of man and the acts of God became indistinguishable, and the voice of the people was said to be the voice of God.

People were taught to see daily life outcomes as an act of God, as the decision of God. But, the pertinent question remains, "If God takes responsibility for every good and bad outcome in life, then what will man take responsibility for?" Is man unaccountable for his acts?

Let's look at three case studies.

1) When a man buys fake building materials and builds a house. If it collapses a few years later and kills a lot of people, the people who witnessed the ugly scene would suddenly turn around to say it was the will of God for the victims of building collapse to die, therefore it is an act of God and not the mistake of man.

What if the owner of the collapsed building admits; "it was my fault that I built with fake materials." Would people still say it’s the will of God? Or would they form an angry mob to kill the owner of the collapsed building?

2) When a student fails to study for his exams as a result of probably taking church activities more serious than his primary aim in school which is to study. And then he fails all his examinations.

When asked what happened, he says it is the will of God, that he was working for God and God allowed it to be so. Indirectly, he is saying that it was an act of God.

3) When a young man dies prematurely as a result of living a scary rough life, the priest officiating his burial would tell the people that God gives and takes, without fully explaining what actually cut the young man's life short. Therefore, the people believe it’s an act of God. When probably the man is reaping the fruit of his evil deeds.

It is true that tomorrow is pregnant, and what it may bear forth, no one knows, but according to Ralph Waldo Emerson he said, "Work and acquire and thou hast chained the wheel of Chance." This tells us that irrespective of how pregnant tomorrow can be, we have the responsibility of impregnating tomorrow to give birth to something that might enhance our longevity.

The deceptive myopic ways of reasoning have totally exonerated man from taking the blame for his actions. The society today abhors deep reasonability but applauds shallow mentality. However, God cannot be deceived, nor can He be manipulated into accepting what He never did nor propagated, since man has been endowed with "Free Will." 

Even the Holy book said in Proverbs 19:3, "People ruin their lives by their own foolishness and then they are angry at the Lord." According to Ellicott's commentary; a man's own self-will overturns his way. Stops his progress, whether in temporal or spiritual matters and then, instead of blaming himself, "his heart fretter against the Lord." 

At this juncture, one begins to wonder what exactly is wrong with man. Why has man always derived joy in complaining and shying away from responsibilities? In essence, when there is no honesty, there is no dignity. In such times, people do not tell themselves the truth, but rather they prefer lies and ambiguous lifestyles, and that is why the truth normally sits on the lips of dying men.

From the inception of life, nature has upheld the law of action and reaction, the law of cause and effect, the law of sowing and reaping as the laws guiding human unrestrained free will. According to Ralph Waldo Emerson, "Shallow men believe in luck. Strong men believe in cause and effect."
Supportively, scientific laws and research are abounding to further prove the significance of these natural laws.

The freedom of choice in man has paved a way for him to take actions and be responsible and accountable for it. He must not be a spiritual illiterate to confer his ignorance on God. He must take responsibility for his actions. When one fails to take responsibility for their actions, a lot of people are misled as they don't know the root cause of the problems, next they heap it on God. As a result, the society fails to learn from it and the vicious cycle of irresponsibility continues.

Being able to discern the acts of God requires one being a friend of God. But, because I don't want to sound too precious or righteous, and for the want of space, I can't delve into the whole criteria that are to be met to become a friend of God. Primarily, friends of God avoid sinful lifestyle.

However, the Friends of God sees things in a different perspective, they have revelations, and they dream dreams. This makes their perception about life different from what the enemies of God pressurize the society to believe. The life of Job would be a good example because when he was in distress he never blamed God but rather he sought the assistance of God.

As the fulcrum of your life, will you keep blaming God for the Load, or will you take responsibility for your actions and then seek the assistance (effort) of God? The ball has been in your court. When you don’t do your part, do not blame God.

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