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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Overcoming Mental Laziness

Written by: Mute Efe

There is an enemy tormenting the young people that we must deal with. It is mental laziness. Mental Laziness is the refusal to use your God-given brain and it has specific symptoms.
Symptoms of mental laziness include refusal to think, hiding behind God, making excuses all the time and love for mediocrity.

The mentally lazy is never engaged in what he is reading. After reading one or two paragraphs the mentally lazy person is already tired. The post is too long. Then there is the second issue of hiding behind God. "God will do it," You will always hear the mentally lazy person say. Fasting and prayer is his solution to every problem.

The mentally lazy person always goes for the least difficult channel. It is easier to say, "I believe God for..." than to say, “I have registered for so and so class to build capacity.” The mentally lazy person loves mediocrity - being average. He wants to know what is the least he can do to just get by. Excellence is not in his dictionary.

When he comments on posts or articles, you always find him posting one-word comments e.g wow, deep, great, thanks, inspired, etc. When he tries very hard you get one-sentence comments like, "Thanks, I really learned a lot from this article." Or "Wow! This has really inspired me." You will hardly ever find him post a comment with a meaningful contribution.

The truth is, the mentally lazy person does not have any mental health issue. He or she is just lazy. That's all. It is simply a matter of lazy habits that he/she has formed over the years. And once you change your habits you will be delivered from mental laziness.

If you are mentally lazy the first thing you need to do is to own up to the fact that you are mentally lazy and you need help. You cannot help a man who refuses to own up that he needs help. Until you accept there is a problem no one can help you.

The next thing is to begin the process of change and there are four things you must do.

1. Pay Attention.
Wherever you are, be there. When reading anything, pay attention to what you are reading. Let the words make meaning to you. Sometimes you may need to read twice or thrice to comprehend it. It’s OK. With time you will get better.

It is because you don't pay attention you ask questions that were already answered in the post. You see an advert for a book stating how to get the book and you will still be asking, "How can I get this book?"

2. Stretch
Take classes. Get books. Learn a new skill. Do things that will actually stretch your thinking. Don't just watch movies. Engage in activities that will put your brain to work. You must stretch your mind.

3. Get Support.
Join the right community that will support you. There are several Facebook groups that you can join. But it's not so much about joining the community than it is about being actively involved in the daily activities of the community. 

4. Commit to Excellence.
Don't be comfortable with average. Go the extra mile. Aim to be the standard by which others will be measured. Do what it will take you to be the best at what you do and it is basically by training and re-training.

When you want to make a comment on a post you read post something meaningful. Anybody can post Wow! Thanks. Nice. Great. I learned a lot. I am inspired. But don't let it be you. Go beyond that and actually post something about what you read.

What exactly did you learn from reading it? What other contribution can you add? How will the post help you? These are the things you should write in your comment. It is after that you can say, Thank you.

If after reading this you realize that you are mentally lazy but you want to be helped, then click on the link I gave to join the community. It is a tribe where you will get all the help you need and it is free.‎ Once again the link is stated below.

If you think you are not mentally lazy and this article added any value to you please post a meaningful comment letting me know your thoughts about the article. What did you learn? What stood out most for you? Let me know by commenting.

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  1. Overcoming mental laziness is we all face in these days. I don't know the master papers reason why we are going to face such problems, But i am trying to remove it from you as well as also trying to remove it from me. All what i said to you, You have to take this idea for you to only remove mental laziness.

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