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Friday, April 13, 2018

His Name Alone

Written by: Muoka Chibuzor

Often did I boost of mortal power, I became so obsessively drunk with confidence and powers.
I never knew when I laid in the gutters.
I woke up in stinks, in the middle of the night.
To be questioned by white shiny stares, the stares of vicious street dogs.
I had been deserted, and I was all alone.
When I open my eyes I see mysteries,
When I listen carefully I hear whispers.
But, the world was so busy and every picture was so blurry.
The pride of man was his enemy, and his downfall was a strategy.
I got so carried away, and that was why I forgot to call His name.

The struggle continued, and the hustling was whelming. Things worked as planned, and I felt I have arrived, so impeccable and indestructible. What else do I need?
When I eat cassava I feel energized,
When I drink water I feel satisfied,
On daily bases, I roamed in personal selfishness and forgot to call His name.

Everyman on his own, but do we actually own ourselves?
In times of plenty, we barely can think straight. The praises of men have satisfied our hearts, and there is no room to satisfy God.
In times of little, our friends desert us, and we are left in solitude, in loneliness and in pains.

I gave my all to please men but got so little to please myself.
I called men pet names, but forgot to praise my God.
I idolized strange men and got drunk with my quest for power, and then I forgot to worship my God.
All of them left me when the going got tough, but my God never shifted an inch, He was the lubricant in my frictional life.

Then I came to a realization, having observed the inconsistencies of life as I saw the ugly shadows of death.
I concluded that over a billion times will I call His name, both in plentiful and little. For all I have is nothing, if I do not have God.
I don't care if the world thinks am insane, for however in pain I might seem to be, I strongly believed that calling His name was not in vain.

The Lord can only be my shepherd and pillar when I acknowledge Him and always call His name. Not the name of the president, not the name of medicine men, not the name of my parents, nor the soothing names I call my beloved. The mention of His name alone is the catalyst for all good things yet to come.

The question remains who do you call upon, do you call God, or do you call man? Severally, man has disappointed but those who called God never got disappointed.

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