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Monday, March 12, 2018

A bit of the social media as the key to a healthier lifestyle

Written by: Muoka Chibuzor G

The truth is all clear for everyone to see, and then we all mind what we say...

It’s pathetic that people are devastated by the social media. It’s puerile to measure life success with social media likes and comments. Funny enough, that's what the founders of these social media yearn for. They want you to be addicted; they don't want you thinking straight, they want you thinking of notification, likes and comments. When the world is all about challenge and defeat.

A bit of everything is the key to longevity. Addiction to something exposes the Achilles heel of a man. Addiction to the social media has more cons than pros. But, the human nature loves pleasure and transient glory, therefore it became a herculean task to make men to truly understand reality, to move out of the comfort zone, and to accord things the appropriate concentration needed with the value of time well spent.

I don't want to paint Facebook black and neither do I want to paint Twitter red. I also do not advice the total abstinence from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. I only champion the wise use of them or better still withdraw from them if you discover that it is not helping you positively. When I use Facebook, I only want to share ideas with interested people, the likes and comments are an appreciative gesture from people who want to do so.

I had hysterics when I discovered among social media friends, the trade by barter of likes and comments, isn’t that hilarious? It’s just like attend my invitation and I attend yours. At this juncture, don't you think that the founders of the social media have succeeded in restructuring human reasonability? Or do we need the biblical Daniel to foresee the handwriting on the wall?

The social media has bribed our thoughts and beclouded our sense of critical judgement. Physical communication is going into extinction, and the natural happiness of close human communication has been hijacked by the virtual social media. The weak cries in the absence of comments and likes to his/her post, and the strong brags of his enormous likes and comments, these two extremes show the manipulative consequences of the social media. The social media has also rooted itself in our hormonal and nervous systems, the control of our being is at its mercy.

Today, animosity and hatred have taken over the social media.  Half-baked online relationships have produced incompatible couples who ended up in divorce, and this results in broken homes with untrained children. People compare themselves with likes and comments while shying away from reality. 

In the absence of likes and comments, they sink low below like the Titanic, heading straight to hit the bottom of an iceberg while lost in the sea of social media frustration. I don't worry about people visiting the social media, am only worried about people who decide to let the social media condition their life.

Outside there in the real world, which is totally different from the virtual world (internet) of the social media, the likes and comments on social media will not be there to save you; neither will it be added as a valid life achievement. You would only need the real people who like and understand the You in You and are willing to invest in you. The social media should be a home of a probable visit and not a home of a punctual visit.

I haven't said the likes and comments aren't cool; after all, they can be monetized. Am only calling for sanity in this era of social media craze, because, man has become the pitiable slave of machines, and his abuse of the social media has turned him to a biological robot with the IQ of a nonsensical zombie.

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