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Monday, January 01, 2018

Persistence the destructor of Obstacles and breaker of Resistance

Written by: Muoka Chibuzor G

Life may not offer you all you desired, but life will surely give you what you demand.
When I see chains I smile because my God is a famous chain cutter...

One day I decided to place a metal pot filled with water on a gas cooker. The pot was well covered with a metal lid cover that was tightly attached to it. The aim of the metal lid was to prevent the liquid inside from spilling out. After about 35 minutes the liquid inside the pot began to boil, and it was as if the pot would jump out of the gas cooker, the vibrational effects of the boiling water inside the pot shows that the water molecules have acquired enormous amounts of energy and momentum and was eager to experience unlimited freedom, but the pot and lid was a physical barrier.

I decided to turn off the gas cooker and everything returned back to normal as if there was no turbulence from the liquid any longer, as the pot was no longer vibrating, and soon it was as if nothing ever happened inside the pot. I reignited the gas cooker and allowed the water to attain a temperature that was higher than before. After about 50 minutes, I was shocked to the bones, as the pot lid zoomed off, detaching itself from the pot top, straight to the ceiling like someone being chased by an angry mob. Then the liquid in the vaporized state came off the pot in a possibly imagined happy mood in search of space (freedom).

The brief illustration above sheds more light on why resistance can never overcome undeterred persistence. Some people may still have a hazy idea and a beclouded understanding of what persistence and resistance mean, how they interrelate and how to overcome obstacles.

Firstly, we must understand the phenomenon -  Obstacle.
An obstacle is something that blocks you so that movement, going forward, or actions are prevented or made more difficult. The obstacle is right in front of you determined never to let go of you. In the illustration above, the present obstacle was lack of space, if there was enough space in the pot, there would not be excessive pressure within the pot. The liquid molecules which have attained a gaseous state saw no space to progress in movement. In life, we are often confined by obstacles to the extent that we gasp for air but obstacles are never meant to last forever in the first place.

Reflecting on Obstacles:
- Without an obstacle, persistence and resistance will not exist.
- Obstacles carry resistance with them (the lack of space goes along with the metal pot in place).
- If you find in life a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn't lead to anywhere great.
- The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it. (recall, that I was shocked when the lid of the pot zoomed off, as a result of mere water molecules that became volatile - there is the glory)
- Do not see obstacles as blocking the path, because they are the path themselves.
- An obstacle is often a stepping stone, but most people are often too scared that they get engulfed in its shadows.
- In the presence of obstacles, you don't change your already decided decisions (the water molecules never changed their decisions of leaving the pot), you only change your tactics and manner of approaching the obstacles to get the desired result.
- Every obstacle has an expiry date.

Secondly, we must understand the phenomenon - Resistance.
Resistance is said to be experienced when something or somebody is not affected by the needed change. Most times in life we meet obstacles that pose great resistance, No matter how one tries to push the obstacle, the resistance it presents makes the needed change unachievable. In the Illustration above, the present resistance was the metal pot and lid, it confined the water vapors very close within the limited space (obstacle). Even as the water molecules struggle, the metal pot doesn't care because it's fortified with high resistance.

Reflecting on Resistance:
- Out of resistance comes the emergence of inner strength.
- There is always a resistance to change, so don't be too surprised.
- When one avoids breaking resistance, the persistence of resistance continues.
- The path of less resistance often breeds unrefined men, with evanescent victory.

Thirdly, we must as well understand the phenomenon - Persistence.
Persistence can be seen as an explosive device that is time dependent and has the ability to bring about the destruction of obstacles and breaking (dismantling) of resistance. Persistence is the fact of continuing in an opinion or course of action in spite of the obstacles and resistances already present on the way forward. In the illustration above, the water molecules were persistent with bombarding the walls of the closed pot so as to overcome obstacles and push off the resistive elements.

Reflecting on Persistence:
- Persistence exploits loopholes within obstacles and undue resistance.
- The level of persistence exerted is totally dependent on the nature and level of resistance present, provided that the obstacle is constant. If the present obstacle changes, the level of resistance changes and this affects the level of persistence.
- Nothing in the world can ever stop persistence.
- When one persists, he discovers whom he really is.
- A talented mind even cannot make it without persistence.
- A river cuts through rocks not because it is powerful, or as strong or even stronger than the rock, but because of the presence of persistence in its character (it keeps flowing).

You are born to win...

Applying the Lock and Key model to life issues
Some people are determined but are doing the right thing in the wrong way and therefore getting the wrong result. People should always sit to assess themselves once in a while to ascertain how far their actions and decisions are taking them. For every obstacle and its resistance (Lock), there is a level of persistence (Key) that can unlock it. For every strong door, there exists the amount of irresistible force that can break it.

People should not be deterred by negative minds who suggest keys that cant unlock their destinies. Building a border of no communication with them is the only way out. Nothing is impossible unless you believe it in your mind to be so. Always guard your mind and beware of the things you allow into it, for it is the entrance to your soul.

An unexamined life is not worth living at all, discovering the right key through unbiased self-examination will help unlock closed doors.

Befriending the friends of Persistence
The marriage between a man and woman is just so beyond them both, that the actual marriage is between the two families in whole.
Are you willing to marry Persistence? If yes, you should know that you will as well be ready to marry and accept the family and friends of persistence too. Persistence has so many friends and family members that are willing to always ensure that persistence never lacks anything nor bow to obstacles and resistance. The friends and family of persistence include- Patience, Burning Desire, Courage, Determination, Dedication, Motivation, Self-discipline, Godliness. I would have loved to explain the nature and feature of all the friends and family members of persistence in details, but for the want of time and space, I cannot.
But bear it in mind that for a persistent man to survive and be victorious, the indispensable virtues mentioned above most never be lacking in him.

The Catalyst (facilitator) of life.
Trials and temptations will surely come to every living being on earth, but we have to be persistence to overcome them. When there is life, there is hope, and a persistent man labors in vain if He who watches over Israel is not with him; he needs God with him because God never sleeps nor slumbers.
What made the water molecules in the pot to gain enormous energy? it was the fire beneath the pot.  What will make a persistent man to be an overcomer? it is God (God will be the fire to energize him spiritually and endow him physically for the battle, for we fight not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers, against rulers of the darkness of this world and against spiritual wickedness in high places.)
God will be the catalyst to make his struggles to not be in vain. And when you make God your first and last, your beginning and end, your persistence will surely overcome the obstacles and resistance on your way.

Final note: With Persistence, you will be an overcomer, it doesn't matter how strong, mean, ugly, beautiful, mild, calm, rugged, gigantic, enormous, smallish, long, tall, dwarfish, sharp, blunt; the obstacles and resistances in your way are. You will surely overcome. Amen.

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