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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Defeating Challenge The Only Option

Written by: Muoka Chibuzor G

Sometimes life is sweet, the next minute its bitter, and in a sec its sour. 
But what will man do? 
Man has a lot to do. Man has to understand the unpredictability of life and its susceptibility to change. He has to recall and as well memorize the true saying that "No condition is permanent". 
Any man who clamours for a life free of tempests, should be reminded that even the water in a coconut shell looks like an ocean to an ant. 

If life is without challenges, practically then life will be dummy like. Dummy dummies may never help themselves. 
No challenge, no varieties to spice up life. 
No fascination, no imagination to widen our horizon. 
People just living for nothing and then die achieving nothing. The earth will be engulfed with boredom as there won't be events. 

If we fail to embrace our mistakes and step up in our games, then who will now change the world? The dead or the unborn? Practically impossible, if the living leaves the task for them. 
If we sing songs of weakness and watch things go wrong, them who will stand and listen to us? The birds of the air or the fishes of the sea? Practically impossible, if humans fail to harness the power of ingenuity in them. 

The living must accomplish a task to prevent the challenge of the present from engulfing their unborn children. The mistakes of the living can still hunt the unborn and further increase the possibility of mortality among the living. 
This is a malady! It is attacking the skeleton of the society. 

The only panacea is to walk through the den of challenge. And decimate the lions or better still silence them. Records are meant to be broken and challenges stand to be defeated. 
Being Unstoppable, formidable. Having intuition, persistent will and exhibition of proactive actions will bring challenges to their knees. 
I think we all have to stand up and face our challenges squarely, eyeball to eyeball, with fears right beneath our feet. 

Fear should have no seat in the corridors of our heart, where important decisions are made. Fear only arises when our mind has given up, for some has already given up on themselves and they now wear the regalia of Mr. Nobody who does absolutely nothing. 
The anonymous who failed to contribute to the wellbeing of the society, will not be recognized by the custodians of the earth (the people). Just like a slow breeze, no one knows he passed. 
When the historians will rise to dust their ancient books long after we are gone, and the erudite scholars of the day will seat to teach the children of the moment of what we have done. 
Our offspring will surely be amazed as to what we have accomplished, and they will be motivated to leave the world better than we left it. 

Let's defeat our challenges today and not tomorrow. Let's sing our songs of victory today and not tomorrow. 
If we keep waiting for the favorable time, it may never come. If a farmer keeps looking at the weather he may never sow. Let's not procrastinate, let's start facing and defeating our challenges today because it's the only option. 

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