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Friday, November 24, 2017

The Impact of Snoring in Relationships (solutions)

Written by: Katherine Dilworth
(a wife, mother and a blogger and she write on caseydilworth.com, this blog provides exclusive information on Why Do People Snore and Snoring Solutions).

Snoring has been described as a silent killer of relationships. Couples may not consider it as a big deal early in the relationship, but the long-term effects of sleeping with a snoring partner or being a snorer can slowly damage the way they bond and enjoy with each other. 
Maintaining a healthy relationship requires a lot of time and energy from couples. Both persons should have the devotion and patience to go through the bumps of everyday life together. However, if both don’t regularly get enough sleep due to snoring disturbances, it could take a toll on their health and strain their relationship.
The effects of snoring on people’s health are manifested in the following symptoms that may be unusual for one or both of the partners:

1. High fatigability and stress
When a person doesn’t get adequate rest to heal and mend the body from daily stressors, their physical exhaustion will accumulate and affect the way their bodies perform tasks and responsibilities. They end up feeling more tired with each passing day, so they become disinclined to physical activities that they used to enjoy doing together.

2. Impatience and emotional distance
Lack of sleep can make a person grumpy and impatient. And when both partners are grumpy throughout the day, they are more likely to end it with an argument or two. In relationships, it’s always important to settle arguments as soon as possible; however, exhaustion due to lack of sleep can get in the way of argument resolution. Instead of talking things through before going to bed, they just resort to sleeping separately through the night or insist to just drop the issues without sorting them out so they can go straight to bed. This could be dangerous for the couple because emotional distance tends to grow over time along with unresolved issues.

3. Increased risk for accidents
When people wake up feeling tired and dull, their ability to focus on their tasks and comprehend their immediate surroundings is greatly affected. This causes the development of risky behaviors like spacing-out while driving, falling asleep while commuting, forgetting to turn off the stove, and neglecting correct placement of tools and equipment. Such behaviors can lead to accidents that can cause injuries and even death.

If you observe any of these symptoms in your partner or yourself, it can only mean that your snoring problem or your partner’s snoring is already causing strains on your health and relationship. It is imperative that you don’t wait for it to destroy the relationship that you both worked hard building together. 

Keep the possibility of a break-up or divorce at bay by taking measures to correct or slowly diminish the problem. There are several different ways to keep snoring problems down, and the key to achieve success in treating it is to understand what causes it and what your doctor thinks that you can do about it. 

Snoring Solution is must in any case. Snoring can be caused by different things, but for each cause, there is a solution. Below are some of the most common causes of snoring and what doctors usually prescribe to help stop them:

1. Cause: Obstructive sleep apnea
Sleep apnea is a serious condition where the throat tissues obstruct the airway when lying down. Whether the obstruction is partial or complete, it can cause breathing difficulties that make sleeping a daily struggle.

Solution: Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP), oral appliances, or Pillar procedure.
CPAP makes use of a machine that pumps pressurized air into a breathing mask worn by the snorer. The machine, however, produces noise so it isn’t the best solution to help both partners get good sleep.

Alternatively, oral appliances can be prescribed to be worn while sleeping. The appliance keeps the jaw in a position that prevents the airway passage from collapsing or dropping while lying down. The Pillar procedure is a surgical procedure that inserts a number of tiny implants into the soft palate tissues. These implants provide mechanical support to prevent the airway tissues from collapsing.
2. Cause: Chronic nasal problems
Congestion caused by nasal problems can obstruct the nasal airway, making the air passing through the nasal passages produce snoring sounds.

Solution: Nasal medications
Doctors usually prescribe medications for decongestion to relieve the symptoms.

3. Cause: Drinking alcoholic beverages before bedtime
Some people drink wine, rum or beer to help them fall asleep. However, the alcohol can cause the throat tissues to relax and collapse during sleep.

Solution: Don’t take alcoholic drinks before bedtime.
Instead of relying on alcohol to help you fall asleep, try other ways to help you relax and induce sleep at night. You can drink sleep tea instead of wine or ask your partner for a massage to help you loosen up.

4. Cause: Obesity
When you are obese or overweight, the excess fat around your chest and neck puts pressure on the underlying tissues when you’re lying down, causing the airway to narrow and make snoring sounds.

Solution: Weight loss
Strive to lose some weight to reduce the mass of fat that constricts your airways. Attaining a healthy weight through proper diet and exercise will also improve your health and quality of life.

Snoring is a treatable problem, but no matter what causes it and no matter what measures you choose to take to resolve it, the most important thing you should do is ask for your partner’s support. Treatments and behavioral modifications work best when you work together and support each other through it all.

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