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Saturday, July 08, 2017

Students living as Couples in the University and the Implications

Written by: Oyewale

One of the most lifestyle of students in our higher institutions today is co-inhabiting in the same apartment by male and female students in an exact manner like the real married couples. This is Popular known as 'couple’s life' in our Universities. It has become so popular that if you are not doing it as a student, you will definitely know one or two people who are into it. Either having them as a friend, classmate or hostel mates.

Our society has now been so degenerated that nobody perceives students couples life as a threat to life and our educational system. We are tired of seeing a lot of young couples who are living together before marriage.

'Campus couples life' now look so normal in our universities' environment that the people who indulge in it are awarded by others students at the end of every academic calendar in the hostels parties. It’s not new to see young girls and boys been crowned 'young couples of the year'. This troubles me for several reasons and I'm putting up this article to see if like minded people like me would look into the subject matter.

Why Do Students Prefer To Live A Couples Life In Our Campuses?

1) Poverty: There is no doubt that, one of the excuses under which some campus couples hide is their inability to afford the exorbitant rent alone which force them to move in with their boyfriend or vice versa. So they prefer to stay and live together with someone who understands their financial incapability.

2) Unavailability of Enough Hostel Facility: With my experiences from Nigerian University campuses. I'm pretty sure that some good girls would not mind to live within the school premises where the school authority provides accommodation for them at a cheaper rate. The inadequate of hostel encouraged them to get an apartment outside campus where they would later decide to live with their boyfriends. Since they have an unlimited privacy.

3) To Satisfy Lustful Desire: Some students belongs to none of the two highlighted classes above. They are not from a poor background, and have enough hostel to live within the school premises. They only live a couple’s life because they want to satisfy their lustful desire. Free access to sex.

Whatever the situation is, couples life is not really the best solution. There are other best ways in which you can settle your accommodation trouble without living with your boyfriend/girlfriend in school. Its negative effects are numerous and outweigh the immediate benefits you tend to enjoy.

Unhealthy Benefits of Living a Couple Lives In the Campus

1) Students Who Live Couples Life Have A Higher Chance Of Not Marrying Each other:
Eighty percent of students who live together as couples are most likely not to marry each other. Most of the relationship don't even last till the final year.
They get tired of each other so easily, and nothing else to look forward to in each other. A lady told me she was into campus couples life some years back with a guy, who she don't even know where he is today again.

2) Poor Academic Performance: You came to university to get a degree, not a boyfriend; you studies are genuinely the most important thing for you. Living a couple’s life does provide a distraction from studying which will eventually lead to poor academic performance. You can't combined the two together without failure.

3) You Lose Freedom: Now that you've successfully buried yourself in a temporary school marriage where you bear the whole responsibilities of a married man or woman. You are no longer free and can't do what you like without having to explain to your fake wife/husband when you come back. You've already lose the right to live a portion of your life alone.

4) Others: You will lose your self-respect, you over worked yourself to cater for two people, you will spend too much to keep the relationship alive, you are exposed to high risk of having several abortion, you can't meet some other compatible lovers and so many more.

Best Way to Discourage Couples Life in Our Campuses

1) Provisions of adequate Hostels in Our Universities for Students by the Appropriate Authorities.

2) Regular Checking of Our Children in Schools: It is very unfortunate that some parents cares not about where the children lives or what he does in school in as much as they can provide the financial needs. Parents should visit their children on a regular basis and compliment it with surprise irregular visits.

3) Religious Teachings: Let them know the religious implications of living a couple’s life in the university. Living together as an unmarried couples is Ungodly.

4) Organizing Campaigns against It: Students union and other campus social life clubs in the school should organize campaigns to discourage it. Instead of organizing award night for those people who indulged in it. It should be discouraged in entirety among the students.

I Hope This Helps?

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