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Saturday, July 01, 2017

School Children disrespecting Elders, who is to blame? Parents or Teachers

Written by: Emmanuel

What's happening to school children of this generation? 

Like where did we get it wrong that school children no longer greet elders on the road? I remembered vividly clear, that with my big school bag, and the tiredness from school, I still had the voice to say simply “good afternoon Aunty and Uncle" to the people I met on the road. And I will never forget all the “God bless you and give you knowledge" prayer that comes with the response.

Now I have decided to be greeting school children first, if that will pass a message to them. So I greeted a set some weeks ago, and the woman I was walking with, rebuke me, I just smiled and said “if they don't know what is right, I sarcastically teach them". She replied “I don't know what they teach them in school, all this teachers are not doing their job"....Right there I rebuke her too.

I told her that teachers can't be blame for a child's lack of home training. Why blame a teacher that has over 50 students under his/her care, and forget about the parents that had just 5-7 kids under their watch. Some simply etiquette are not taught in schools. Charity, as I was told, begin at home. Yes most parents neglect the little mannerless attitude of their children.

GREETINGS in this part of our culture is a way of respect. I give it to the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria, they are 100% good in it. Why would a child sees someone older than him/her on the road and can't greet? Like future leaders of tomorrow oh, and am already weeping for the future without ethics and values.

Back to the parent, your 3years old child, sees an elder, and can't say good morning or good afternoon, instead of correcting such a child, you will defend that he/she is too small to understand. What happened to the bible verse that admonished us to "train up a child in the way that he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it?"

I stay in a neighborhood that 80% of the children don't even greet their elders, and most times I can't help but imagine the kind of home bringing they have. 

Yes you live in a beautiful, well fenced house, you don't need any neighbor’s help, and do you even think of what happens outside the walls of your house?

YES I GREW UP in an environment that my little 'good morning ma, good afternoon sir' has been of great help to me in different occasions. And it has shape my life.

It is never a duty of your children's teacher to teach them the simple norms of life, Parents and precisely mother is every child's first teacher. They should have the basic education first at home, by teaching them how to say "good morning/good afternoon", “please", “I’m sorry", and " Thank you".


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