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Friday, July 14, 2017

Love Against All Odds

Written by: Muoka Chibuzor

1. Every day my love for you multiplies unrestrictedly,
    And I would trespass and modify the laws for you.
    But the sadness in your pretty eyes torments me,
    It saddens me and takes my breath away.

2. The tears in your eyes halts and weakens me,
    It creates the room for restlessness and tension within me.
    To have you at heart at all times illuminates me,
    And I promise with God’s help to wipe your tears away.

3. We struggled to strengthen and keep the love between us,
    Even when the people despised and criticized us.
    The lovely beauty we see, is a deadly beast to them,
    They say we are worlds apart and was never meant to be.

4. Fears of the unknown threatens an undying love,
    But the true love we share sustains us beyond doubts.
    We shall hold hands and stand firm against the flares of hard times,
    And build a fruitful empire beyond human’s expectations.

5. In the end we shall be ever victorious in endeavors,
    As our true love withstands the enormous tests of time.
    They would ask and we answer that “we loved against all odds”,
    The people will rejoice and join us to thank the God of love.

About this poetry “Love against all odds”
The writer was of the opinion that love can conquer all forms of obstacles when the parties involved, actually know and believe in what they are fighting for. Our God is a propagator of Love and thus stands with people who truly love themselves. He who loves his neighbor, loves God. He who stands for the truth, stands with God who is the advocator of the righteous.

Youngsters who have found love and believe truly in what they desire and aspire to achieve, should do everything within their power to convince the doubtful that they are on the right track. People should love against all odds because God loves us amid all our transgressions.

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