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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Islam and the Social Media

An - Naseehah

Praise be to Allah. We send blessings and salutations upon Muhammad; may peace be upon him, his entire household, his companions, and all Muslims.

Even though Islam appreciates and welcomes all forms of advancement, it has made provisions that they should not go against the teachings of the prophet. The social media as an avenue for people to create, share or exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks, is not exempted.

And as Muslims, adequate guideline is available as we adopt it as a channel of conveying the message of Islam.

Technology today is advancing and the underlined clause for a Muslim is that if it is not used positively, then there is a problem. This is because, when it is used in a destructive manner, he earns the wrath of Allah. Statistics has identified social networking sites and the social media at large, as one of the causes of various problems that have amounted to the distortion of peace in various fronts, at home especially.

It is not uncommon to find some complaining about their partners; parents or wards as becoming orphans – social media orphans. It is either ‘Mum is busy with her phone’, dad is busy on his laptop’, or ‘my child has been online all day’. Many of these statements necessitate the need to ask how the social network at our disposal are being utilized.
There are magazines, the internet forums, web blogs, the wikis, social networks, podcasts, social books and so many other things that we actually have not only the ability to source, but even to be part of its making.

Today, lots of information go around through many of these channels. For example, going about busy schedules could be run concurrently with checking in on a family or friend through a ‘whatsapp’ message and yet, we earn beautiful rewards.

In spite of the rewards that could be earned through technology, it has also become an outlet for displaying wares such as pornography, time mismanagement, misguidance and innovations in the deen, flirting with opposite sex and many other things.

In wise, some of the etiquettes regarding the use of the social media are discussed.
For all acts or actions of a Muslim, it is required that we purify our intentions in the course of social networking. This is the first of the etiquettes. Sincerity of purpose not only guides our action but also explain to us that we must maintain within the limits set by Allah and His Messenger.

It is evident that a host of people are on social network platforms for reasons ranging from having fun, to learning, teaching, spreading goodness and many others but irrespective of the purpose for which one is on these platforms, sincerity must be attached.

Using these platforms often require the use of profile names, usernames or ID. One of the important things to do with respect to this is that we select names or ID that suggest the evidence of Islam in our lives. The use of names that are suggestive of the vices that Islam abolishes is certainly a step in putting us on the odd ebb of social media users.

It is important to note that the abundance of tie spent by many (youths especially) on networking is something worth highlighting. Given the variety of activities that are outlined for an individual in a day, losing valuable time facebook-ing, 2go-ing, and others are not only inappropriate but also represents extravagant use of our wellness and time.

The prophet was reported to have said: “There are two blessings which many people waste; health and free time.” (Sahih Bukhari).

When engaging people in discussion, we make sure it is in the most powerful or the best of ways. So this would apply even when we are interacting with one another when it comes to social networking and so on.

Another very important aspect is about the type of friends we maintain on these networks. They have far-reaching impact on our person and our level of consciousness about Islam.

We should realize if they are having a bad effect on us that, we must get ourselves out as soon as possible. It is extremely important for us to know the character, the language we use, the type of person we portray ourselves to be or come across, and the type of comments we make when it comes to others peoples pages or twitter accounts, handles and so on.

Brothers and sisters, there is so much to talk about on this beautiful topic. However, it is your duty to ensure that you are not overtaken by technology in a way that you become enslaved to it. Make sure you use it in the best possible way so that your parents, husbands, wives or children would be happy.

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