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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Sometimes You Need CHARACTER and not PRAYER

Written by: Adebolade

On Sunday, my pastor told a story of a young man who was desperately in search of a job, he submitted his CV to a company, expecting his call up for an interview. Unknown to him, someone in the company recommended him, so he was preferred. The company called him without any hint, but he was rude on the phone and so impolite that he lost the job opportunity.

He got to know later that it was the company, and was so remorseful, but it was too late.
He went to my pastor to pray for him, that he'd find another opening.

According to my pastor,
He prayed for him. But he told him that no matter how we pray, the attitude has its place.
This the strong truth a lot of Christians fail to understand. Prayer is good, but prayer isn't the answer to everything.

Somewhere in the scriptures, the Bible says that before we pray, he will answer. You know why? Because we've exhibited attitudes that will attract miracles.

People, often pray for miracles to happen, but sometimes what you need is a character, not prayer, not speaking in tongues. God is Spirit, and for Him to bless you, He needs to pass through a man. If you lack good relationships with men, you'll hardly be blessed. God works with relationship. You must learn to treat people with courtesy.

The Shunammite woman must have been praying for a child all through her life. I'm sure she was a prominent woman and surely she had money but couldn't buy a child.

You know what made her have a child? She took care of Elisha, a man of God. She respected him, she was hospitable, she was kind, she had character! Elisha spoke into her womb and in a year, she had a child.

Assuming she wasn't hospitable, polite, and kind? She would've still been praying and fasting, binding and casting demons that don't exist.

Sometimes, we are our demons. Our attitudes are our destiny killers.
Some of us have insulted people that were divinely placed to help us, and may even be keeping malice with our destiny helper. Some of us are still suffering, not because we lack talent but because we lack character.

Talent is attractive.

Anyone can be talented, but character is a proof of discipline; a proof of responsibility.

Character sustains the attraction talent gives us.
Character is virtue, and sometimes what we call FAVOUR is triggered by virtue. Mary was a Virgin. She had virtue which attracted the favour of being the mother of the Saviour of the world!!

In all thy getting, get character. Respect people. Treat strangers with courtesy. Be kind.
Your Angel won't always come like an Angel.

Look down on nobody, anyone can change your life. It was the maid of Naaman that told him where to get healing. Naaman was a great man but had leprosy. He must have visited the greatest hospital in the world as of that time. Who would've ever thought that the solution to his problem was in the mouth of his maid?

Sometimes the solutions to our problems are trapped in the mouths of mere people, but many of us are not humble enough to see it.

Prayer is not all. Build relationships. God will use man. Respect people.

Get character.

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