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Sunday, May 07, 2017

Unromantic Marriages in Our Society Today

Written by: Muoka Chibuzor and Iyke Man

Whoever says "most couples' are becoming unromantic is absolutely telling the truth.....

Unromantic means not characterised by Romance.

Romance according to the Wikipedia, is a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love. This feeling of the excitement and mystery associated with love is what we can no longer find in most marriages today.  Some couples even have the mentality that at some stage in life and in marriage, one should see romance as childish and ignore every part of it.
They attribute romance to be a feature of only newly married couples.

The romance and good humour of marriage have gone missing in so many marriages in our society. And suddenly, couples are becoming strangers and as the days go by. Just suddenly you hear words like – this isn’t the man or woman I married…

Then where has the man or woman you married gone to? isn't he/she right there staring at you? The problem is just that you can't feel him or her again, the overwhelming connection is breaking lose and familiar things are becoming strange.

It bemuses our imagination when we begin to think about what actually brought those two together if not love and romance in the first instance.
Marriages of today are becoming unromantic every day by day and suddenly we hear the infamous news – Divorce. They found romance outside marriage... a pathetic advancement.

Signs of an Unromantic Marriage

1) Many marriages are just about sleeping, waking, eating, cooking, raising the kids, working and ageing together till death comes.

2) Many couples only hug each other when they receive a good news.

3) They only kiss each other during copulation.

4) The husband only puts food in his wife's mouth when she is terminally ill and unable to feed herself.

5) Many wives only buy gifts for their husbands when he is hospitalised.
Beautiful is the Man who doesn't ignore the woman he cares about.
6) The only time couples race together is when there is danger somewhere and everyone is running.

7) The only thing that makes couples go for an evening stroll is when they have something vital to discuss and they don’t want the children to hear.

8) The only time some couples eat together is when their in-laws are around.

9) The only thing that makes couples bath together is when they have a flight to catch and they are running late already.
"Write her a letter, Send her a flower, Love only gets old if you let it." - William Chapman
10) The only thing that makes an African man touch his wife's neck is when she complains of fever, afterwards, he won't touch it again, till her next fever.

11) The only thing that makes an African woman look closely into the eyes of her husband is when he complains of dirt in his eyes.

12) The only thing that makes an average man carry his wife on his arms is when she is in labour and he is rushing her to the hospital.
Tell him or her... Everybody has an addiction and mine happens to be you.
13) The only thing that makes an average woman stroke her husband's beards is when she is removing dirt from it.

14) People do say:
If you see an African couple seated in front of their house in the evening, you may think they are romantic, but they are only waiting for the smell of the Mosquito insecticide sprayed in the house to vanish.

15) If you see a man opening the door of his car for his wife, it’s either the car is new or the wife is new.

If you care about HIM or HER,
you should keep showing it every way you can.
My Dear People!!! The rate of divorce and infidelity is increasingly alarming and we are just busy sending write-ups through the media, reading and wallowing in fictional illusions, comparing our wives and our husbands with some illusion write ups… Reading and just sitting in the room angry with our husbands and our wives.

Let us act and do the right things.  The bitter truth is that most marriages have no sweetness anymore?
Wake up couples! And revive the sweetness and beauty of marriage by caging yourselves with true romance.

Remember those days you both started, how you couldn’t sleep and how you kept texting and sending flowers. Try some romantic gestures and revive the sweetness of your marriage.

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