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Friday, May 26, 2017

How to maximize your NYSC experience

Written by: Eugene Chinenye and Nkemdeme Uche

There are several ways to make out the best from your NYSC experience, while on service at your place of primary assignment before the passing out parade.

1.       Never forget to acquire essential skills- the best time to acquire skills such as computer skills, interactive skills, vocational skills, life skills and language skills are during your youth service period. Never joke with them.

2.       Learn how to write CVs. Your job hunting starts from your NYSC days. Never loose opportunities that may likely come your way during this period.

3.       Keep a healthy relationship with other colleagues most especially your friends from other states or from other parts of Nigeria. You might need to hook up with them if you’ll have to travel down to their states for job interviews, visits etc.

4.       Take care of your health- HIV/AIDS is real. Be more careful especially in places like - Benue, Rivers, Akwa Ibom and Cross River. Some of your fellow corps members are positive. Since you don’t have the history of their pasts, be careful.

5.       Don’t go with many loads to Camp. You’ll definitely move from there to your PPA – Place of Primary Assignment. A few clothes will do. But remember you’ll wear more of white shorts and tops at Camp. Go with detergents and a little rope you can tie to spread your clothes.

6.       Mind your spending, keep your money and keep your properties well at Camp.

7.       Have savings. You’ll need some money for upkeep and mobility after your NYSC. Save at least something reasonable. It will be needed before you get something reasonable to do.

8.       Avoid quarrels and clashes with indigenes as much as you can.

9.       Remember your God in all you do.

10.    Maintain good records and constantly keep in touch with promising people around you.
The lesson in life....the not so promising people are d ones making the difference...treat all alike, you never know which pregnancy brings forth the KING.

11.    Involve yourself in your CDS group activities. It’s a plus to your CV apart from your PPA responsibility.

12.    Avoid reckless escapades. A little socialisation isn’t bad but be careful. Also, avoid late nights as much as you can.

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13.    Take your PPA seriously but don’t overwork yourself. You need more time for yourself too.

14.    Take good care of yourself and maintain proper hygiene. Don’t forget your insecticide treated net. Mosquito repellant creams are not bad as well. Visit the hospital if you’ll have to but be careful.

15.    Mind your friends. Not everyone who seems to like you really wants to be with you. Be smart!

16.    Don’t get mad when people do what really seems stupid to you. You were not brought up in the same house. That’s individual difference. Handle such carefully.

17.    I don’t subscribe to NCCF family lives or other fellowship lodges. It’s ok when you just arrive but get a reasonable place for yourself. You’re on a matured assignment for a year and not a retreat program neither are you still in school where you squat up and down.

18.    Avoid reckless travelling. If there isn’t need, then you don’t have to.

19.    And remember one year is such a short-period as well as a transition period into the real society. Be smart and use it well!

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