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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

How to Make a Minimum CGPA of 3.50 [Second Class Upper Division]

Written by: Itz Pachay

Over the years, I have discovered that people worship those that are on CGPA of 3.50 and this bothers me. In my school, if you are on 2.1 {Second Class Upper}, "you don become boss". Some people even say 2.1 students are sometimes better than first class students. Well, let me quickly share with you the tricks on how to be on at least 2.1. They are very simple.

Once you achieve a good result in your first year (100level), the rest is simple. Just build on it and make it better. In my 100 level days, I used to say if you cannot make the first class, make at least 2.1. Our thinking is very powerful, have a good thinking today. Change the way you think, change your life. Some people even say that when you start early to aim for first class, you might eventually get a 2.1 at worst.

To be on 2.1

1) You need to have in your result A's and B's.
The courses you have the grades is now the point of concern. Take for example you are offering a 4 unit course or a 3 unit course, it must be your utmost priority to make an A in that course. Tell yourself I am having an A in this course even if it is just one person that will have it. Develop an interest in those 4 or 3 unit courses as they will determine if you will make at least 2.1.

Now to the 2 and 1 unit courses, you must have yourself an A or at least a B and nothing less than that. It is either you make an  A or B or nothing. You must make it your target every day that this is what I want to make and work diligently with your time. A starts from 70 and you are given the chance to play away with 30 marks.

I see no reason why you cannot make 70-A. The reason why we do not make A's most time is that we do not write our Tests very well. Before we take the test we have already failed it. As a matter of fact, if you will make an A it depends on your continuous assessment.

2) You need a good browsing phone with browsing data on it.
You must browse on everything you are being taught in class every day. I have discovered that when reading online, you discover what others do not discover and it is always interesting. It is not until you go to the library before you learn.

As a matter of fact, your phone should be your library. You feel like questions must come from this angle in test or exam. When you read online within the scope of the course syllabus, you know more than what you learn in class. But please do ensure that you read your note for at least 1 hour in a day. While you are chatting or discussing with friends, you can learn on your phone and still enjoy your conversation.

3) Ensure you put something down in class.
This will save you the stress of reading outside the course syllabus.

4) Ensure you do all assignments and ensure you do it alone.
Do not dub. Do them as if they were Tests.

5) Do practical’s very well.
Leave no stone unturned when writing reports. Most times the practical’s you will do have already been done before. Search online or look for those that have done it earlier and study their work.

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6) Walk with friends who have nothing to discuss other than books.
Trust me when you walk with brilliant students, you will have no choice than to be brilliant provided you have a solid foundation.

7) Try to lay your hands on some people who are not good enough and explain the few things you know to them. By doing this, you know more.
When the top students tell you something, doubt them by going online to read more. They might be wrong.

8) Avoid unnecessary distractions. Some people get into the university and decide to pursue women or men forgetting that your boyfriend or girlfriend can wake up tomorrow and say I love you no more, but your dreams will never wake up any day to say I love you no more. Pursue your dreams and leave frivolities.

9) Study past questions after you have read all your books. While studying past question, use online to provide answers.

10) Lastly, prayer is the key to success. Pray as if you have not read anything before and after writing both your Tests and exams.

Note: Make sure you do not act funny or stupid in class, be a good student to your lecturers and your colleagues. Be friends of all.

I hope someone is enlightened.

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