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Saturday, May 13, 2017


Written by: Sunday Akinbowale

Stop giving your money to God, he doesn’t need it…

The idea of giving money to God, if not thoroughly understood can become a dead religion without you being aware of it. They might have told you that you are giving your money to God as a baby Christian. But please grow up, and refuse to remain a baby for life. God is not a human being. He does NOT ever use the money.

It is only the people on this earth who need money. God is not in want; He is not in need. He created everything on this earth. He put everything we would ever need on earth before He even created us.

Therefore, to say that you are giving your money to God may be an undeserved insult to Him. Do not say or think it without understanding what you are doing. All the cattle on the hills and all the gold, silver, copper, diamond in the field were created by Him. If He ever needs one, would He have asked you?

Please stop being deceived that you are giving your money to God. Only human beings use the money. And money is only needed on earth. They do NOT spend money in heaven. Therefore, if you ever use money at all, it is either you use it for yourself or you use it for other people. Using your money for the expansion of God’s Kingdom does not mean you are giving money to God.

It simply means you are using your money to fulfil your purpose on earth. Using your money for kingdom expansion simply means you are using it for the best possible course you can ever use it for. If no one has told you, even the end purpose of Kingdom expansion on earth is not for God. The Kingdom of God on earth is for the benefit of human beings.

The more of the spread of God’s Kingdom we have on earth, the more peace people can have here, the more easily joy can be in the hearts of men, and the more righteousness can reign in our lives. We want His will to be done on earth so that we can live a better and a more quality life.

We want to enjoy heaven on earth, NOT because God wants to become a human being and wants to start living on the earth. It is because His will on the earth is the best thing that can ever happen to us. He lives inside of us so we can represent Him on the earth. And therefore, He wants the best of life for us.

Money is an invention of man. It was not God who created money. Man invented money to make the trade of goods and services less cumbersome. Money simply signifies value. God has put so much value on this earth and inside human beings. Therefore, in order to exchange this value from person to person, we invented money.

Money is just an equivalent of useful resources we have in us and on earth. In order to be able to use the money to fulfil your purpose in life, you need to begin to see money from this perspective. When you are giving your money whether, in a church service or anywhere else, you are simply exchanging value from person to person.

And it will be a waste of your resources if you are giving value to someone who does not know what to do with it. It is a waste of your resources if you are always adding value to someone who is not in need. We should be adding value so that there will be nobody in lack and want in the church. We should emulate the first Christians that ever lived. Nobody lacked among them.

This should be the goal of every local church. Pastors should not keep impoverishing people and claim they are serving God. All leaders and pastors should know how to add value to people’s lives. Let us bring glory to the Name of Christ by eradicating poverty among the Christians. Let us teach sound wisdom and knowledge, instead of always telling them to give their money to us before they can get rich.

Apostle Paul, as great as he was, went to do a menial job in order to take care of people. He said very clearly that his hands worked hard night and day to minister to his needs and to those around him so that he was not a burden to anyone. All he was after was how to show love and get the gospel to the people effectively.

Yet the only thing some pastors think they can do is to receive money from people. They do not remember that it is more blessed to give than to receive. Please begin to use discretion in your giving and STOP wasting your resources. You need to START CONSCIOUSLY being aware of the value you are exchanging your money for.

It is unwise if you are not sure that your money is actually adding value to someone. This life is all about adding value to yourself so that you can add tremendous value to other people, and money is one of the tools needed to make this process successful. You CAN NEVER add value to God. Please STOP thinking you are giving money to God. Don’t let anyone keep using the idea of giving money to God to deceive and swindle you of your hard-earned money.

God is the one adding value to your life. And 99% of the time, the value He adds to your life is not in form of money, it is in form of intangible assets. When God wants to add value to you, He gives you wisdom, insight, revelation, understanding, and power (ability). Solomon was the richest person that ever lived.

Yet, God never gave physical money to Solomon. He gave him wisdom, and the wisdom brought all the money he would ever need in life. Therefore, realise that it is God who is wanting to add value to your life, and it is NEVER in the opposite direction.

If God ever asks you to give Him money, He is speaking metaphorically. Jesus made it very clear that the way to take care of Him is to take care of the people in need – feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, and taking care of the sickly and the prisoners. If you are not making sure that your money is going to the needy, it simply means you are wasting your money.

Stop living in self-delusion of obeying God without knowing what your money is being used for. Obey God by consciously taking care of the needy – spiritually, mentally, and physically. Your pastor has no business collecting your money EXCEPT he is actually in need or He is using it to help the people in need.

Never forget that the purpose of money is to add value to human lives. It is to transform lives. Money is supposed to be used to feed spiritually, mentally and physically starving people. Money is supposed to be used to free people from their spiritual, mental, and physical prison. Everything about the use of money is ALL ABOUT PEOPLE.

God does not need it. All that matters most to God is that you are using your money for the right purpose. Whether you give it in form of tithes, or you give it as an offering, or you use it for the ministry, calling and assignment that God has given you, as long as you are using to add value to people and transform lives, your money is being utilised for the right purpose.
All I ever use my money to do is to add value to humanity and expand God’s Kingdom.

Friend, it is very crucial for you to always seek for wisdom. And to make sure that with everything you get, you get understanding. When you have wisdom and knowledge, you will know what to do with your money. You will know how to multiply your money in order to be able to do more of God’s will.

You will not need to wait for any pastor to tell you that you have to sow a seed to him or pay tithes to him, especially when God is not leading you in that direction. Please stop giving your money blindly; start using your money to fulfil your purpose on earth.

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