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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

DIRECT ENTRY CANDIDATES: What you need to know about Transcript

Written by: Mr Joyoung

Transcript is an official copy or inventory of a student's permanent academic record, which usually contains all courses taken, all grades earned, and all honours conferred to a student throughout a course of study.

Breaking it down, a transcript is the report card you used to collect after the end of the term at Primary and Secondary Schools.

So, as a Direct Entry candidate, you are moving from one school to another. Your new school (University) will ask for your previous school (Polytechnic) report card.

How easy or difficult is the collection of Transcript?

According to people's experience, If you’ve ever attempted to secure academic transcripts from any Nigerian Universities or any others Institution of Learning, you must know how difficult and frustrating it can be.

As I was told, securing transcripts may become an uphill task, annoying, traumatic and time-consuming, especially if you're not a fresh graduate. I am inclined to believe that it is easier to rob a bank than to secure transcripts.

Does a University Collect transcript before admission? Or it’s after admission?
As I was told, most Universities will not ask for your transcript as a DE aspirant, stay calm before you pay to get your transcript because most schools don’t need it as a mere aspirant that you are. They will request for it when you have been offered admission and you became their student. But as for schools like OAU, FUNAAB, UI, UNILAG, etc., Transcript is part of the documents that will be used for your evaluation.

How do you collect and submit your Transcript?
There are two ways you can do this.
1) Some schools will transport the transcript to your intending school.

2) Some schools will give it to you to take it to wherever your destination is. But it will be sealed.
My advice is that you should prepare for both situation, just go and send your TRANSCRIPT whether the school you are applying to accept it or not, you have nothing to lose if you can spare some cash and also pay for postal (i.e. Your ex-school will send it to your aspiring school on your behalf).

NOTE: Transcript is different from the statement of result. The transcript isn't sent to JAMB. JAMB does not have anything to do with your transcript, they won’t even collect it from you.

What are you submitting to jamb office during Direct Entry registration?

They include -

-  O'level result.

-  Statement of Result.

- You'd be required to submit your DE online registration printout (and/or the documents mentioned above) to JAMB office.

In fact, a source had it that your statement isn't a must if it's not ready yet (just verify, you might be considered.)

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