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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Near Success Syndrome

Written by: Esinnah Millicent Temple

Ever wondered why you fail almost at the peak of your success? Always labour without results? Court for many years but never get to marriage? Being pregnant for nine months but end with still-birth? Submit proposals to organisations but the job will not be given? Seeing but not attaining? Building but never completed? These and much more are examples of Near Success Syndrome which troubles the destiny of many individuals.

Often times, we go for deliverance in churches to curb this near success syndrome which some believe is a spiritual malady. The near success syndrome is a postulation which believes that there are people who came to the point of their breakthrough and suddenly crash out.

I have painted a picture of it thus: you are very broke and decide to go get some money at the nearest ATM and after queuing for long hours and it gradually gets to your turn, immediately you slot in your card, the machine goes out of service and guess what?
- It’s past banking hours
- It’s Friday.

Rather than blaming this on that witch in your village, this situation could have been averted if only you had gone out earlier bearing in mind to use the banking hall should the ATM fails.
Near Success Syndrome, therefore, can be defined as coming to the point where you are almost sure of success only to encounter failure and disappointment at the end. Some people regularly experience this in all their endeavours and they keep wondering why nothing they lay their hands upon works.

Let me state at this juncture that I believe that certain ills that come to us could be spiritually induced. The Bible also speaks to us about putting on the whole armour of God so that we might be able to withstand the evil days. So in as much as demons and bad people could try to stop a man spiritually and diabolically, we must be careful so as not to heap every failure on these forces.

In this modern day Christianity, we tend to heap almost every blame of failure on the devil and his cohorts, although it is clear that all we need do is just an adjustment in attitude. We live in a world of blame culture and little wonder Adam blamed his disobedience on Eve and Eve finally blamed the devil.

None of them was able or willing to say “I am responsible for my failure”. It is hard to find people who blame themselves. A lady once claimed that twenty-five suitors have come to her and all of them never came back after the introductory rites and it was concluded that such frustration was the handiwork of ancestral curses and origin.

After much investigations, it was discovered that the lady in question had been hiding her family history and making up stories about her parents and when suitors discovered on their own her family background. They tend to get disappointed in her lying nature and pull off.
Her problem was not a demonic one as she initially thought, but a simple demand for her to change her attitude by telling the truth about her family history, she got a man who did not care about such histories. The bible says that you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.

When you fail and quit, you become a failure for life but when you fail and refuse to give up, you are on the path to success. Also when you fail repeatedly and continue resolutely but without changing your course or style and not looking back, you become a permanent/recurrent failure.

I believe you should go back to your drawing table, evaluate your life by carrying out a self-examination to actually find out if you are operating on the right principles. Working hard is the only option for success.

The second option is still to work hard! Nevertheless, working hard is not enough, you have to work smart, and you have to work innovatively. So when next it almost seems like you are finally going to get it, just remember this, you are never closer to your dreams than when you are facing a big obstacle that threatens to push you further away than ever before, which is why you should just hang in there with every strength you’ve got and keep pressing forward.

Why not evaluate your life today, take a journey back into past hurt and failures, table them all out not leaving out even the tiniest of details. Slow but steady trailing that part and there must be something you must have done which is similar in all those failed endeavours and that is, where you need to change course and try a different approach.

In conclusion, when you are in distress and all frustrated because you don’t know what else to do, to make it work, just remember that the reason darkness appears is to allow you experience the light even more.

You can’t feel like a light when you are surrounded by light. The time you will ever feel more like a light is when you are in the midst of darkness. Opposites make each other, light and darkness define each other, and success and failure define each other as well.

You can never fully know something without knowing the opposite. Whenever we create a dream, the universe will bring in opposing circumstances, not to deter us from achieving the dream, but to allow us to experience the fullness of that dream.

If you set a goal to be abundant, you may start experiencing situations of lack, this is so that you will be able to experience what abundance really means and to show the world that you can make it into being abundant even against the appearance of lack.

So why throw the towel almost at the end of the tunnel when you can take a step further out of the tunnel to embrace the light. Yes! That one more step just might be it.

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