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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Loss of Decency in Today's Fashion

Written by: Archbong Unyime Donatus

Fashion today seems to dictate that the tighter, the lower, the shorter, the better for today’s youth. We have really lost the ability to draw the line of decency.

Modesty and demureness is a mode of dressing and department. The criteria for acceptable modesty and decency have relaxed continuously so much some wear clothes which they consider immodest due to exhibitionism.

Where we live is the most competent judge of decency, from fetters, for indeed clothes ought to be our remembrance of our lost innocence. It is affirming and sad to see today’s youth and even adults lose their sense of decency all in the name of fashion trend.

Skimpy Dressed Women
The level at which moral decadence is becoming more rampant in the society needs to be addressed. Most flamboyant and stylish fashion trend today seems to promote moral degradation and can be sexually offensive when exposing some major parts of the body that ought to be covered.

Young men now sag their trousers, wear skimpy clothes; the ladies wear transparent clothes and sometimes breakdown in decency and morality. The use of leg chains, bum shorts, choker necklaces, nose ring etc. portrays the users as morally degraded and irresponsible.

Sagging a Form of Fashion among the Men

                                                                                                                                                      To this end. It is relatively important to check this social malady. Parents should be role models to their children and dress decently to promote the culture and instil morality for their wards to adopt.

The government should pass certain laws to check indecent dressing thereby passing a penalty to whoever fails to dress decently.

The government should influence the media to campaign against indecency. Also, parents should check and regulate the kind of movies, friends and associates of their wards see. Religious institutions are not left out in helping to curb this menace.

Clergies should emphasise the danger of indecent dressing, especially among the upcoming generation.
Remember indecent dressing symbolises disgrace and may instigate crimes such as rape. Dressing well attracts respect from the public. The way you dress is the way you are addressed!!!
Today, I am awake standing up for decency which is not a choice, it is an obligation.

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