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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Why God is all you Need

Written by: Muoka Chibuzor

In as much we struggle and toil, day and night to make ends meet. We should all know that we actually own nothing on earth. Yes, our human convictions can conspire to inspire the thoughts of wealth and affluence, family and friends all around us, to make us feel overly secured and fortified, untouchable and impeccable.

But yet, even that smallest part of your body, you own it not and it’s highly vulnerable to destruction. The air you and I breathe is just the genesis of what we actually call life. 
We own not even the air not to talk about the blood that runs through our veins. And when you put your trust and hope on those individuals who make up your family and friends, the great cabals as you perceive them, that’s when you receive the greatest shock of your life because they are bound to limitations and can fail you at any time… 

Expect not much from your fellow human if don’t want to die of heart attack.

The big question now is…
What do we actually own on earth? Nothing… absolutely nothing my dear.

Don’t be in despair even if you cannot actually be in charge, own and have absolute power over all those things you may desire for as long as you may want to.
Whether you are worried or not, there is one thing you should know and bear in mind for as long as you breathe. 

You should know that you can only have God.

He who has God has everything. Hope you are relieved or are you in doubt?

Just simple! Have God and have everything, including the air you breathe and the strength you claim to have been the precursor of your accomplishments. This is because God is the source and him who believes and have the source shall never run dry. 

Solomon had God and he had everything. One big deal about having God is that he would bless you both in the physical and spiritual realm. For he is the genesis and the landlord of the universe. The universe is beyond human comprehension and examination. Apart from the Milky Way galaxy, we have tonnes of other galaxies that makes up the universe, and this goes a long way in describing the voluminousness and creative nature of God.

He would crown you with the grace of long-life and eternity if only you acknowledge him in all you do and forget to trust wholly on earthly strength and wisdom which always clamours “I can do it on my own”.     

He who believes and trusts in God should never be in doubt of what he can actually do, for he breaks laws of the land and stringent constitutions to bless a man. He hardens the heart of the wicked to expose their foolishness and at the end, he paves way for the just. He jumps protocols to elevate his chosen ones. He is the custodian of what we finally become if only we acknowledge him.

How lovely and heroic our God is, can’t we fall in love with him? Permit me to portray him as the prince charm who saves a princess in distress. All you have to do is make the distress call (prayer). Prayer invades the impossible.

We should see God as our husband and then we acknowledge him as a wife should. You don’t need your fellow man nor the devil to occupy such positions in your life. The only husband you need is God. He would surely care and cater for you and will slowly unveil his great plans for tomorrow to you, so don’t envy people who have theirs today for can never tell what deal they stroked with God and what their life is all about.   
So what is bothering you?

Whatever is the nature or complexity of your problem that makes you think that something you own is actually malfunctioning or being taken from you, remember…

God’s hands are not short that he cannot reach to you where you are,
God’s eyes are never blind that he can never see you when you move,
God’s ears are not deaf that he cannot hear you cry and tears run through your cheeks,

Acknowledge him in all your ways and he will direct your path.
Beat your chest, strongly trusting in God and believe in sound resolve.
“No matter what you face, no matter what you see, no matter what comes your way, no matter how you cry, one thing you know that is definite in your heart is that you have God all the way and your hope will never be cut short.”

Have God for he is all you need and you have every other thing you can dream of, just dream and think of it! God will actually come to your rescue.

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