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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Why Do UNGODLY Men Keep Coming My Way?

Written by: Jumoke Abimbola

I am sure you all know that it's not every man that comes to the church that is born again? In fact, some are even wolves in sheep clothing, they appear so cool in the church, but deep inside, they are rotten and don't know God at all.

They are only using the church to cover up for their evil deeds. Ladies, shine your eyes because these are the kind of men you come in contact with every now and then.

However, we have different types of ladies, ladies that don't mind ending up with any man, In fact, some would even say, it's not compulsory that I get married, once I have a child and I am living comfortably, I am cool with my life. Why?

Because they have seen life, while most of them come from broken homes.

Another set of ladies that we have are the ones that are not genuinely born again, though, they come to the church every Sunday, most of them are even prostitutes and don't mind getting married to anyone. Whether born again or not, they are good to go. These are the ladies that sit close to you every Sunday.

But the kind of ladies I'm talking about are the ones who don't deserve to come across ungodly men, but they realised that ungodly men kept coming their way. These are the ladies that know God, I mean the ones that are committed to the things of God and that are passionate about christ.

Now, the question is why do they keep on encountering the ungodly men, even despite their desires to settle down with godly men?

The reason is because; those wolves in sheep clothing who you can find in the church, office or anywhere have studied them very well, they are aware of their passions for christ and some of them know that if they end up with this kind of ladies, it will be easier for them to be saved and not die early as they think because every unbeliever /sinner knows that his or her life is not secured outside christ, although, they don't show that they care.

But,trust me, they are aware of their ends.

That's why we that are saved are always asking for the grace to sin no more because we are all aware that the ways of the sinners are not pleasant to God.

So, if you are a sister that loves God so much and your desire is to end up with a godly man, don't be discouraged by the kinds of men that come to you, only ask God for the grace to recognise those kinds of men whenever they come.

And if they come, always check your peace of mind before you fall into their traps.

Wonderful godly ladies, nothing is wrong with you for always meeting these guys, In fact, it's normal for you to come in contact with them, because they too don't want to perish, that's why they want to marry you and cover up for their evil deeds.

Finally, there is nothing you can do to stop them from coming because your being in christ is what is drawing them close to you.

But, be careful, be sensitive and never think you can change them. It's better to remain single than to marry an unbeliever. Calm down for Jesus and it's my prayer that your godly man in whom you will find peace will cleave to you very soon.

Amen. God bless you!

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