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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Things I wish I was told about Love

Written by: Mayowa Adeniyi

 "Sola, it's not a crime to be in love but it's a crime to fall in love when you know nothing about love", Mama replied as she adjusted her old concave lens.
"How do you mean mama? Tell me more", Sola replied, hoping to glean some truths from her grandmother's experience.

"Sola, being in a love relationship is one of the best things that can ever happen to you in life when you're in with the right person. It is also a nightmare to be in love with the wrong person in life. Love is not a difficult thing when you have carefully and prayerfully found the right person.

Before I married my husband, your grandfather, several men came my way who had what it takes to be a husband. In fact, I can remember that there was one who had what I wanted in a man but thank God I wasn't carried away. I went back to God in prayer. I'm not a prophet but I understand how God speaks to me.

Many of our young children nowadays do not know that there's time for everything in life. Sola, there’s time to be in love and a time never to be in love.
Don't be in love when you know nothing about love.
Don't be in love when you're not mature to handle the demands of a love relationship.
While waiting to be married, build strength, gather enough emotional, mental and psychological strength you need that would help you when you're ready to commit your heart to love.

If God wanted us to be in love when we're born, He'd have given us a partner as soon as we're given birth to. But He does all things according to plan and time. Now that you're not married, learn, prepare, grow up and improve your life.

It's better to take your time before you fall in love than to hurriedly fall in love only to see that you could have done it better", she narrated.
"Are you listening"? Mama asked to catch her attention.
"Yes mama, she replied as she fixed her eyes on her without distraction.

In our days, men deceive ladies with flashy things of life and ladies too deceive men. If you choose to be in love based on mundane things, it'll take someone who has better flashy things to take her away from you.
Don't overrate yourself because you want her to love you.

Don't promise what you don't have or cannot fulfil. Just be yourself and let love grow naturally. If you induce love, someone else will seduce it.
"Can you know the depth of a river by dipping your two legs into it"? She asked her.
"No mama", she replied astonishingly.

Never deep your heart into a love relationship when you're emotionally vulnerable. Use your head instead. It may be better to have a headache than to have a heartache. If you want to know about love, learn from your friends who have good marriages and from the ones who have had a bad relationship.

Doing this will help you to know what to do when you're married to the right person.
It is wrong to jump into the river with your two legs because you want to learn how to swim. Take it easy with life and love, slow and steady wins the race.

"My daughter, take your time to choose the right partner to love. Don't rush. Look before you leap. If you can't see properly or you are confused with what you see, go to God in prayer. It is a great tragedy to marry or fall in love with the wrong person. It is a regret you may never forget in life. Don't trust your heart to choose whom to marry and don't let anyone impose anyone on you", she explained.

"Finally, trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways, acknowledge Him and He shall direct your path", where can you find it in the bible? She asked her.
"I think it's in the Book of Psalm", she replied with a tone of doubt.
"Cherish these truths about love and you'll ever regret it, she told her affirmatively.

Dear reader, you can learn everything about love from anywhere but don't forget that knowing the right person to love cannot be known through worldly philosophies. If you don't love the right person, everything you have learned about love will be useless.

Seek God's face who knows the heart of all men before you commit your heart to love. Love is not as difficult or wicked as many people name it. With wisdom, knowledge, understanding and the right partner, you'll enjoy a blissful relationship.

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