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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Things I wish I was told about choosing a Partner

Written by: Adeniyi Tim Oluwamayowa

You can't expect an eagle to walk with a chicken and live to fulfil her purpose. Who are you engaged to be married to?

Whom you marry in life determines the kind of experience you'll have in marriage. No matter how strong or great in life, you seem to be, if you marry a weakling who's not willing to improve, you'll have to paddle him or her throughout the marital journey.

What are the fact you mustn't play with before you choose whom to marry?

1. Who you marry determines whether you'd go further or remain stagnant in life.

Beyond physical compatibility, there are people you should never join your destiny with theirs in marriage. This is why I'd want you to trust in the Lord with all your heart and don't lean on your own understanding.

There are some destinies that won't agree even if they appear compatible in the physical. And you can't know all these except you pray.

Marriage isn't just the coming together of a man and woman, it's a joining together of their spirit and soul. The Creator stated that they'll be ONE FLESH. Be very careful and prayerful to know whom you journey with so that you won't choose the person that would hinder your progress in life.

The period of your courtship is to assess how compatible you two her, not in bed but in every other important area.

2. You can't know the right partner with your understanding.

Many of you might not agree with this truth but I will emphasise it. Marriage isn't man's idea, it is God's ordained institution. You can't know what is in the heart of a man on the superficial level this is why I want you to take your time to pray enough before you make or accept any proposal.

The heart of man is evil and desperately wicked, who can know it? You can't know it even if you dated for 5 years or cohabited for a decade. The only way to know or see the real intent of a man's heart is to ask God for revelation in the place of prayer.

Beware of deceivers who lurks around in religious gatherings to marry innocent brothers and sisters. When they get what they want, you'll know whom they are.

3. Don't rush to choose a partner, take your time to develop yourself.

If you marry a God-ordained partner but you fail to work on yourself you'll mess up your union. There's more to marriage than the excitement of being in a relationship or desiring to be engaged by all means.

You need to be mentally, financially, spiritually, emotionally and psychologically mature. Develop yourself to be the right partner.
Acquire godly knowledge and understanding; have a good source of income; be mature in your personal walk with God; master emotional stability and independence and work on your mind. Let all of these find expression in you.

You don't become the right person in marriage, you become the right person prior to marriage and continue to sustain and improve your rightness in marriage.

4. The kind of person you marry determines your experience about marriage.

If you're married to a baby clothed in an adult figure, be prepared to nurse a baby in marriage. A man or woman can act like baby mentally though appear as an adult physically. 

If you marry a cheat, you'll believe every male or female is a cheat. And if you marry a spiritual weakling, be ready to do every spiritual exercise that would make your marriage survive.

For this reason, it's better to use your period of courtship to grow, learn and develop yourselves rather than use it to entertain the pleasures of the flesh.

Marriage becomes more successful when two mature people enter into the union or a mature spouse journeys with an immature partner who is willing to grow. But if two immature partners marry each other, it's such a disaster awaiting manifestation.

Think about your life and destiny, who you marry determines whether your life is successful or stagnant.

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