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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Social Media the Land of Lies and Deceit

Written by: Maku Ayodeleh and Muoka Chibuzor

After Secondary/University education, all we have is Facebook, Instagram, BBM, Whatsapp and the rest. To keep up with ex-mates. As we connect and keep in touch with old colleagues on there.
The social media can be seen as a virtual planet where people live, compare and contrast their lives. - Muoka Chibuzor
In as much as we have the good eggs on social media who use it as supposed, the bad eggs are probably using the social media in a weird manner such that it provokes other users and possibly lead them to misery. The social media deviants have made the social media a place of falsehood and abject deception.

Some people have no Job but are just social media addicts. According to the research from California state university, excessive use of the social media can be connected to several psychiatric problems which include: Addiction, Voyeurism, Body dysmorphia, Narcissistic personality, Depression, Hypochondriasis, Schizotypal disorder etc.

There are three sides to every online interaction: yours, mine and the view of everyone watching us. Act carefully.

Some people go to the extent of evoking lies, deceit, envy and jealousy in their friends, just to feel superior or manoeuvre them. For what shall it profit one to post every picture of his in and out, every single step made on Facebook?
Is Facebook a Photobook? What's the sole aim? Cheap popularity, perhaps.

We envy how well they are doing; we wish for their hairdos, trip for their funky cuts and admire the changes in the colour of their skin. We look how far they have gone and even though we are happy for them, we are sad for ourselves. This misnomer has lead to all sorts of unhealthy competition on the social media.

We are usually moved by the fact that many of them are married and desperately pray we do too, soon. We help them count their children. We even know the names of their kids, their schools and classes too. Invariably, social media has become that place that perpetually reminds us of how far behind we are.

Why do we seem to forget that we live in a world so full of (deliberate or indeliberate) pretence? Why forget that many social media users flaunt what they don't have while several others only showcase what they are not? It's all social camouflage. A situation which can be described as the more you look, the less you see.

The truth, however, is: everybody displays the best part of their lives only. Their sweet skin colour could be as a result of a good camera, don't you think? 

Everybody has their problems. You only see what they want you to. Nobody shares on here, that they've been sacked? No one shares their family challenges here too either. Things are never how they appear. 

And the only competition you have in life is you. Yes, just yourself! Don't let your peers kill you before your time. There is still so much for you to achieve in life. And you should not allow what you see on the social media to disrupt your initial good ideas and intentions.

Social media has created has created jealous behaviour over illusion.  Sadly some are envious of things, relationships and lifestyles that don't even exist.

Facebook is not a resentment ground nor is it a gossip mill. It has been discovered through carefully conducted research that some people have turned Facebook from being a place of acquaintance and information dissemination to a battleground. People who are busy don't sit all day on social media.

It's sheer cowardice for one to see Facebook as a punching bag instead of confronting their acclaimed enemies one on one. The sole aim of the social media, Facebook in emphasis is to build a community that communicates efficiently.

When someone wakes up and attack people abusively in his/her status updates, exposes a lot about his marital and personal life, and tries to humiliate other members of the social platform, such a person should be seen as stark illiterate. This is called social media abuse for it does not benefit other users.

Genuine ladies on social media might tell better on their experiences so far with men. The height of sexual embarrassment on the social media is beyond recount and can't possibly be stopped in total. Some gullible ladies who were unfortunate to fall for dubious men on the social media will tell you better about their ugly experiences. 

The social media can't be our life meter...

The morning of any man is when he wakes up. Some people are just early risers. And the fact is, everyone will rise in their appointed time. So, stop comparing yourself to others. Don't be intimidated by the "progress" of your peers! Your morning is almost here too. 

Just keep your heart open even as you follow your dreams. As long as there is life, there is hope. Think about this and keep moving-- keep trusting-- heaven is cheering.
Don't compare yourself with anyone in this world...if you do so, you are insulting yourself. - Bill Gate.

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