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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Manhandling of Women in our Society

Written by: Muoka Chibuzor

Pathetically, the Manhandling or domestic abuse of women in relationships have been a cankerworm eating deep into the brains of full-fledged men.
In relationships, it’s just like sudden cancers that spring up from the behaviour of the man whom the woman claims she had loved. And the ideology is spreading like wildfire at an astronomical rate.

The issue of manhandling women in our society has made various reasonable individuals ask questions about the reasons behind its occurrence.
What's the force behind it?
Alas! It’s been discovered that most men who readily indulge in such act, have no respect whatsoever for women and thus see them as nothing.

Contrary to the detrimental views of some men about women, it should be emphasised that women are so precious to be beaten or seen as a punching bag. It’s a pity that some men also beat their mother too. What an eyesore.
The joy of motherhood is tarnished once a son beats his mother.

Women are jewels of inestimable value, their contributions in life are incalculable.
What term can be used to describe a man who hits a woman, a Coward perhaps?
Ignorance, Confusion and frustration are often the harbingers of such attitude in men.

From time immemorial, women being the weaker sex have always been submissive to men who are generally acknowledged as the head and pillar of establishments including establishing a home.
Thus when a young boy grows up full-fledged, no woman has physical strength over him. Not even his mother. This is practically obtainable in most areas except in rare cases.

The modern woman has acquired skills that are worthy of accolades, but still, it doesn't change nor exonerate her from the natural law of man's dominance. Various religious books also support this fact.
On several occurrences of such menace, the man in question claims to have been verbally abused by the woman. This is because she has no physical strength. Therefore she talks, all her powers lies on her tongue.
In other cases, the woman in question might have done the unthinkable.

In such situation, the man is bound to react and if care isn't taken, the woman can sustain irreparable injuries. This is a temptation every gentleman should overcome.

It’s advisable to advertently allow the rule of law take effect in such scenarios. In the law court, it’s not right for a man to beat or harm a woman except in self-defense of life.
Even in the streets, when a man hits a woman, nobody cares to know what transpired but people first come to the aid of the woman. And most probably criticise the man.

Rather than beat her black and blue, it’s advisable to report to authorities assuming the issue can't be handled as appropriate by you, the family and relatives. Committing murder is a grievous offence.

Here is another evil under the sun, the issue of Toxic love or relationships.

Why would a lady insist that she can change him?
Do you really trust yourself enough to change another?
He slaps you on daily basis, kicks and hits you all round and you believe you can change him.
What love bond endures such? Even if the love is held by the strongest ionic bond in chemistry. Probably you would only change him when you become his first murder case.

Even in most cases, they are both unmarried and such is happening. Women who find themselves in such situations are mostly beclouded in myopic love and have failed to ask themselves a simple clear question.
If this happens when we aren't married or dating, what will happen after marriage? Simple logic gives the answer.
The handwriting is on the wall and you ignore it? This shows that some women are the intentional originators of their woes.

Women in such situation are advised to leave such relationship for it’s not good for the health, body, mind and soul.

The origin of manhandling women shall we look at briefly.
We all know that no boy is born to just enjoy beating women. But it occurs as a result of what the child witnesses as he grows up. In essence, people are products of their environment.

A boy whose father beats the mother will eventually treat the wife the same.

A boy whose father or mother mandates to manhandle the sisters would not find it difficult dealing ruthlessly with the wife.

A boy who lives in a street where domestic violence is a tradition will probably adopt that idea as a way of life.

A boy who roams the streets with miscreants might probably get home one day and descend on the mother with Kung-Fu tactics.

These all points to the undeniable fact that the environment is seriously contributing to the menace. Other factors include – peer pressure, temperament, ignorance, culture.
At this junction, women should also be advised to do everything possible to avoid being the fuel that lights the fire of manhandling. When both parties understand and respect each other, such cases are reduced to the barest minimum.

Men should avoid beating Women for it’s a mark of gentility and civility. The atom of every society is the family, thus the adage charity begins at home should not be ignored. Parents should be diligent enough to teach their boys to avoid beating their sisters unnecessarily but instead report to them when they return if aren’t at home.

Parents should be role models worthy of emulation. Finally, every man should bear in mind that women are to be loved and cherished and not abused or manhandled.

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