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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Gossiping and Its Consequences

Written by: Micheal McGrath and Nicole Gregoire

Rumours are carried by haters or enemies, spread by fools and accepted by Idiots or Ignorants.
Perverse speech sows discord, and tale-bearing separates bosom friends.The violent deceive their neighbours and lead them into a way that is not good. Whoever winks an eye plans perversity; whoever purses the lips does evil.A restless or twitching eye or lip betrays the condition of the heartProverbs 16: 28-30
Be careful about spreading stories concerning your neighbours. These stories have a habit of coming back to these same neighbours and bringing all kinds of problems. 

For the truth is there are very few things told in secret which remains secret.
Gossiping, spreading tales and rumours about people next door, is sowing trouble in your own garden.

A story might help us here.

Old Mary went to confession. She went every week. But old Mary’s day was spent going around the village, gossiping about everybody. You could call her a trader in some ways. She trades information and stories about others and in return, she heard some more. 

One Saturday evening, old Mary had a surprise. After confessing her sins, she waited to hear what the priest would say. His words surprised her: “For your penance, you are to get a chicken, kill it, and then walk through the village, scattering the feathers as you walk along.”

People wondered as they watched her doing as she had been told. Some laughed but said nothing. Having finished, Mary returned to the priest, as he had told her.

“Now go and gather up all these feathers – every single one – bring them to me.” But, of course, the wind had blown most of them away and Mary could only gather a few. 

Tired and sorrowful she returned to the priest with the few feathers.
“And where are the rest of them?” he asked. “The wind has blown them away, Fadda” came the answer. “Well, Mary, that’s the way it is with gossiping and telling stories about other people. It’s very hard to repair the harm done.”

Mary said nothing. She understood well the truth of what the priest was saying. It had been a hard lesson for her but one she would not forget.

As regards story-telling, tale-bearing, etc., be careful not to believe everything you hear. Keep an open mind. Try to check out if what you heard said is true and do not add to it.
We all like to exaggerate the faults and failings of others – real or imagined – and not see our own.

Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people. If you didn’t HEAR it with your own ears, or SEE it with your own eyes… don’t INVENT it with your small mind and SHARE it with your big mouth because words are like birds and when released they fly away.

Don’t forget even the walls have ears.

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