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Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Foods Men can Eat to Boost MANPOWER

Written by: Kayode Oseni

This is especially for all men with penile erection trouble, which I tag “DO LITTLE”. You need to first find out what exactly is the cause of the “lack of action”.
It is only when the cause is known that the appropriate remedy can be proffered.

Herbal medicine has now gone beyond mere conjectures. A good alternative health practitioner will take the necessary pains to first understand the patient, study his lifestyle, ask relevant questions, all in the effort to get to the exact root of the problem.

Here are some of the factors that cause erectile dysfunction:

1. Lack of adequate testosterone (andropause) common with men above 45 years old.

2. Lack of enough exercise, and too much sitting.

3. Long term sexually transmitted infections, which are not fully treated.

4. Lack of adequate nutrition.

5. Consumption of too much alcohol.

6. The presence of certain metabolic diseases e.g. diabetes, hypo- and hyperthyroidism, etc. and also can be traced to side effects of certain medications for treating some of these ailments.

7. Chronic hypertension & insomnia.

Two other factors that as a result of certain lifestyle are;

8. Long term masturbation.

9. Addiction to watching pornographic films. 

And the last factor that is common to all men, both young and old is;

10. Eating of junk foods, fast foods, soft drinks, etc. 

At my centre, we now see more and more men having liver – related problems and heart problems due to the wrong usage and over-usage of herbal remedies purported to give strong erections.

Some are even having strokes because of using VIAGRA and some Chinese capsules for manpower. Some are having kidney problems, because of the wrong usage of TRAMADOL as manpower.

Gentlemen, don’t kill yourself gradually in your bid to have the superhuman sexual ability.

Nature has given us this natural ability, you don’t need ANYTHING to perform normally, but when there is a problem in that area, just make sure you go to a qualified medical doctor or a qualified alternative health provider.

They will use various tests to first determine the cause of the DO LITTLE or NO ACTION and proffer necessary medications/remedies.

In my practice, we recommend certain foods alone, or as an adjunct to other remedies in reversing erectile dysfunction.

Here are some of them:

This is a must for all men as it is one of nature’s aphrodisiac. The secret is to consume it whole, i.e. outer cover and seeds.

Water Melon

This is another of nature’s gift to men. They must be eaten raw at least three times per week for good effect. There is a special way of consuming garlic to benefit maximally from its aphrodisiac effect.

Onion and Garlic
-  Cut the garlic into small pieces, leave it exposed to air for about five minutes, scoop into a large spoon and add about four drops of honey to it, then consume.

When this is consumed raw, it helps with the patency of blood vessels in the body. The more through these vessels are the better the performance on bed.

This can either be taken roasted or boiled. Apart from increasing libido, it also improves the quality and quantity of sperm.

Unripped Plantain
This is particularly common food though highly underrated. It can be taken in whatever form it is processed, as gari, lafun, chips, etc. it contains a high level of arginine which strengthens men's crural muscles.

These are a combination of bitter herbs like African bitter apple, whole lemon without outer cover, aloe Vera, bitter kola bark, cola nut pods, etc. combined in a specific ratio and bottled.
This is particularly needed by men to balance up our intake of sweet foods, which cause disturbances in erectile function.

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