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Saturday, March 04, 2017


"But she that lives in pleasure is dead while she lives" - 1 Timothy 5:6

Pleasure is an escape route from facing the realities of life. It is an opportunity for people to ignore the hard life or hard work that would lead them to succeed. Pleasure is all that the flesh craves for because it doesn't want discomfort.

Do you live in pleasure?

To live in pleasure is to love pleasure. He that loves pleasure shall be a poor man; he that loves wine and oil shall not be rich (Prov. 21:17).

How often do you live in pleasure on daily, weekly or monthly basis? Pleasure is ignoring what ought to be done while pursuing irrelevant things.

Many are poor today not because of the influence of witches and wizard, but because they love the easy life rather than work hard and be delivered from poverty.

Some people love the pleasures that sex brings, this is why they can't delay sexual gratification to have it done having found the right person.

There's destructive and luxurious pleasure. Destructive pleasure is the pursuit of frivolities such as partying, clubbing, over-sleeping, over-eating, having an immoral relationship when you ought to be working your way to the top.

Luxurious pleasure comes with enjoying the rewards of the labour of your hands such as going for vacation etc. But many who hasn't done anything are pursuing this kind of pleasure.

Traits of loving pleasure are to waste time on social media, watching TV or movies when it could have been better invested; ignoring what you have to do to do what's irrelevant; being lazy, procrastination and so on.

Daniel denied himself the pleasure of eating the king's royal delicacies (Dan. 1:8). 
Joseph denied himself of sexual immorality (Gen. 39:9). 
Those who hate pleasure in life will become more successful than those who live in it.

Your victory over pleasure is DISCIPLINE - to have rule over your spirit, soul and body (Prov. 25:28) so that you don't follow their dictate. 

Are you living in pleasure?

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