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Saturday, March 04, 2017

16 Signs That You Are a Real Man

Written by: Mayowa Adeniyi

Imagine a man who’s got status, fame, influence, masculinity, wealth and mental prowess to mention but a few. 

Would you define that to be the ‘make-up’ of a real man?

There are different things for different people. But in real essence, a real man has qualities that separate him from the ordinary men. Some may list all of that as their definition but there’s more to that in the context of marriage and life in general. 

Following are these indisputable qualities that make a real man.

1. You lead by example and not by words
Just like children who loves to imitate what adults do, women too loves to learn from who they truly love. He takes the lead while he encourages her to follow. You will not only tell people to do something, you also do what you told them.

2. You are driven by purpose and not by pleasure
A real man gets the purpose to his life first, pursue it and persevere in achieving it before pleasure while other men seek pleasure without getting a definite purpose for their life.

3. You have a future and would only marry someone who fits into it
Real men don’t date every Tom, Dick and Harry. They are very selective in choosing the kind of woman that fits into the big picture they dreamt of. They are occupied with their pursuit than to ‘double’ or ‘multiple’ date women.

4. You prayerfully look for a wife to marry and not date multiple ladies
Since the choice of a marital partner requires effort, real men prayerfully seek God’s face on whom to marry. They don’t choose by trial and error or ‘bed’ sample every available ladies.

5. You decide to love your woman sacrificially showing commitments to her alone
Feelings are temporal and love is not to be built on it. A real man takes the decision to love his partner/spouse and he is committed to her well-being.

6. You patiently allow your woman to grow up to the kind of person you want
It takes patience to boil a stone soft. A real man understands the power of patience and will not enforce his will or decision on his wife/partner. While knowing his, he respects hers also.

7. You respect every woman in your life
The respect they say is reciprocal. Men want respect but a real man respects every woman in his life. He values her feelings, opinions and decisions. He will never disrespect, abuse or humiliate her.

8. You are financially sound and independent
Men are at their best when they are financially buoyant. A real man has a source(s) of income. He does not depend on, relies on or scrambles for financial help. He works to earn a living and not beg to make a living.

9. You are matured and responsible for your actions
A real man does things because they want to do it and not because they are influenced or under pressure. Maturity is a great mark of identity for real men.

10. You are principled and does not compromise it
Other men may live their life without been defined. They waste time on frivolities, entertain aimless visit, lack of priority or pursue worthless ambitions. This is not the case with a real man. He has a standard on which his life pivots and would not go off the track or compromise it.

11. A real man’s love is guided by the fear of God
Show me a man who will never cheat on his wife when he has all the opportunity to do so, and I will tell you he’s held back by the fear of God. Love can fall into temptation but a man that fears God will not cheat or succumb to pressure.

12. You cultivate women and not culture them for sex
Most men think about sex, this is normal. But a real man makes a woman better than he has found her. If he’s not going to marry her, he teaches her how to respect her values and embrace her dignity. But other men does the contrary.

13. You do not see yourself doing a woman a favour by marrying her but you see her as a helpmeet
Some men see it that way. They brag about it and act in that manner. But a real man sees his wife/partner as someone that would contribute to his success in life.

14. You are not intimidated by your woman’s success or achievements
Some lazy, uneducated or uncivilised men will feel inferior when their woman succeed more than them. A real man is not intimidated because he is highly successful and proud of himself.

15. He is not abusive or violent
Some men are gentle but violent while others may be aggressive. A real man does not exhibit any of this trait. He is cool, calm and collected. He will not vent his anger on anybody, hit the wall when he is angry or kick the door. He knows how to manage his emotions wisely.

16.  A spiritual Head
He is a Spiritual head and a covering for the wife. He should be spiritually inclined and tuned to heaven and should also lead his wife and children in fear of the Lord. He also spends quality time with his family.

These lists are endless. I’ve only listed few out of the numerous qualities that real men possess.

Now, it’s your turn…
What other signs do you think, feel or know that makes a real man?

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