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Thursday, February 23, 2017

The Ideal Superwoman

Written by: Muoka Chibuzor

A man with dreams needs a woman with vision. Her perspective, faith and surpport will change his reality, if she doesn't challenge you, then she's no good for you. Men who want to stay ordinary will tell you not to have expectations of them. Men who want to be great will expect you to push them, pray with them and invest in them. - Source Unknown

The height of erroneous misconceptions in our present societies is alarming and calls for urgent intervention. A famous musician, known as “Runtown” actually took over every workable speaker in our sound devices, ranging from our small mp3 devices to our gigantic high definition plasma televisions, with his latest song.

Runtown - Mad Over You
His latest release titled “Mad Over You” swept off the feet of many vibrant youths who were yet to actually understand the intricacies of true love or transient lust. In every Nigerian street and city, you enter, you must hear children, teens and even adults singing the song.

They usually sing a particular verse of the song which says;
“My superwoman, I dey mad over you.”
Some sing out of ignorance or for singing sake due to the melodious tones backing the lyrics and others sing it as a result of lust and thus the idea of an ideal superwoman is beclouded.

The acclaimed Superwoman
Runtown delivered a message in his song and the most striking aspect worthy of emphasis was when he said;
Baby girl you bad, girl the way you whine,
I dey mad over you girl.
Say you are my woman, my superwoman,
I dey mad over you.

Runtown and his Superwomen
Actually, when he mentioned “Superwoman” it occurred to me that his presentation of a superwoman was really not in accordance with what is expected from an ideal superwoman.
I was forced to believe that his definition of superwoman was attached to youthful exuberance, of which every diligent parent tries to curtail in their wards.

According to Runtown, a superwoman is a lady who does the following – 
a) Proposes marriage (she wan marry me ooh) probably due to age, material wants or fame.

b) With extremely sexy body, in essence, she dresses to kill thereby making men mad. They are mad over her. In essence mad over her body for sexual gratification.

c) Clubbing girl, she whines when asked to…

d) Partakes in promiscuity, making Runtown present her as being bad (Baby girl you bad).

In as much as we all want the finest things of life, Runtown’s concept of a superwoman can be referred to as “Beauty without Brains.” Quality is inwards and not superficial.

According to the Oxfords Advanced learners dictionary,
A superwoman is a woman with exceptional physical or mental ability, especially one who successfully manages a home, brings up children, and has a full-time legit job.

In actual sense, she copes successfully with the simultaneous demands of a career (co-workers), marriage (spouse), and motherhood (children). This is the ideal superwoman; she should be the dream of every responsible man and should be emulated by every young girl.

Below are a few super qualities that distinguish a superwoman :-
1. God fearing
2. A Good Listener
3. Forgiving
4. A Supportive Woman
5. Knows Self-Worth
6. Faithful and Loyal to Her Husband
7. Ability to Nurture
8. She Is a Woman with Vision
9. Authentic and Honest

We should all tread cautiously. In as much as most people want to join the moving train without asking in what direction it’s moving. It’s in the same vein, that the sanity of the gullible must be retrieved by the concerned.

The onus lies on the conscious to wake the oblivious and enlighten them on how to dissect the information they digest in their day to day activities, no matter where they find themselves. Laying more emphasis on the social and broadcasting Medias which Runtown used to his advantage, to preach his deceptive concept of a Superwoman.

Finally, I would like to say that the ideal superwoman is a great asset and potential to the world and humanity at large, bar none. Every girl should try to be an ideal superwoman and her family, society, nation and the world would be mad over her in the right sense and direction.

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