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Sunday, February 26, 2017

In Love with a Godly Woman

Written by: KJV

The woman I love….
Would I be wrong to say,
“I’m falling in love with a virtuous woman”?

I think I'm right to say
“I'm standing in love with her”

She's the epitome of beauty ‘because righteousness, peace and joy are what she cherish.
When she speaks my spirit is lifted ‘because her wisdom is not of this world.

She does not say the things that make no sense or vain.
My friends always give me a thumbs up whenever I'm in their midst ‘because of her.

Her love for the perfect law of liberty amazes me.
She's understanding and her wisdom are untold.

She has found her identity in the WORD and not in the World.
Her mixtapes in the kitchen are like one who has a PhD in discography.

She prays with understanding and gets quick answers.
Sometimes I wonder if she has bribed the God of heaven and earth.

She isn't a prayer warrior but a prayer knight.
My Children although unborn are favoured, for they'll come from this blessed womb.

In her dressing, she is flawless, for she knows the value of her body
She does not flaunt her body like the dogs in the street.

Her character is majestical and her diligence is not ironical.
She is not like a queen, she is one, and a queen of a kind.

She's accommodating O, yes she is, I wasn't surprised at how she treated
The little poor boy I was too busy to look upon.

Can't you see; she is my missing rib?
How can I let her go?
Why should I let this gold slip away in the midst of painted stones?

She is my Proverbs 31 lady
And I am her Ephesians 5 hubby
O ye world, come and behold a
1 Corinthians 13 love!


The Writer’s Views
(Dedicated to all sisters who are standing for the truth, godliness and have decided to stay chaste until after that sunshine day).
In Love with a Godly Woman. A Godly woman, a woman with the fear of God. A jewel of inestimable value.

The purpose of this poem is to encourage and challenge our single ladies to stay chaste, zealous for God and diligent in their work in life. If a man is meant for you, you don't have to struggle to keep him. Love Jesus, not men. 

Get busy for the Lord, sweetheart!!!!!

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