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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Facts About Being Exceptional

Written by: Swordsman

Most of the times we feel bad for being exceptional, extraordinary and gifted, because with it comes a way different life and its Do's and Don't. 

Here are some of the truths you need to be aware of: 

1. Unacceptability; do not expect to be accepted by everyone, some hate you for what you carry. If you were just normal and nothing noted, they would accept you. That's the fear of you taking over. The beauty, the gift, the vision, your hard work and passion just bring fear in others. Jesus accepted you, accept yourself anyway. 

2. The things you face are special for you. Stop comparing your life with another life, you attract trials of your size but remember, God will never allow you be tempted more than you can bear. Count it a joyous time that you are tried! A test means the next class awaits you 

3. If you find yourself and all others ganged up against you, that's where your difference lies, had it been you were like them, you could be on the same side. Differences in decision making do not mean opposition, only means different destiny. You are an exception. 

4. No one knows why you go for it, some laughed at the songs you were singing, the books you were carrying, the days you danced in the market or preached in the market. They may discourage your beginning, undermine your ability, but remember these words "the creator of the Universe made you unique, you are not a mistake, glory is what you reveal" Keep on. 

Ignoring Every Form of Distraction.

5. Strong Opposition. People will oppose you for being exceptional, different and unique, but that doesn't mean you're totally wrong. Opposition attacks Position, there is a position for you in life. You want to make a difference enjoy Opposition. 

6. Most successful people tried and failed, tried and failed. But believed in themselves, do not quit at your first attempt, fail does not define you a failure, only quitters are failures. A righteous man may fall seven times but shall rise again. Your difference is in the ability to fight for what you deserve. Success, Success, Success. 

7. You will find inspiration in most things people are critical about. Dont join them in criticising, learn what you can and differentiate your life. Most critiques don't own businesses, they make people their business. Inspire Yourself each day every day. 

8. If authorities challenge you, you are an authority. If strong people challenge you, you are strong. Whatever your class is, expect the more from them.The interesting part about being exceptional is you will have new challenges, some are just a way to your destiny. Josephs Challenges were a way to be a Governor. 

9. There are no equals in life, the issue is that you settled yourself to someone's standard. Make an extra mile in your efforts, and results will always be exceptional. Give your best. 

10. “My son once told me that there were two kinds of people: those who do the work and those who take the credit. He told me to try to be in the first group; there was much less competition.”

Exceptional people competes with none. In all that life is, everyone has an ability to bring change, how significant and impact depends on how far you have seen. No one can put limits to your life only those you have accepted them in your mind. I believe in you because I believe in what God made you for. 

You are a Wonder!

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