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Friday, February 24, 2017

10 Ways to be a Great Dad

Written by: Kate Halim

Many men often wonder whether they would be a great father to their children when the time actually comes. Children need stable and loving homes where they can learn values and life skills.

So, when the family is full of love, stability, peace and unity, children fare better.

These are some of the loving ways men can be great dads to their children.

1. Love your children unconditionally
Make sure that your children know you love them no matter what. Don’t confuse this with permissiveness. Unconditional love does nothing to encourage the wrong kind of behaviour. In fact, children who are secure in their father's love tend to act out less, not more.

2. Loving fathers love their children’s mother
 Love your wife without reservation – you can’t do much more for your kids. Men should not allow ego to destroy the future of their children by disrespecting the mother of their children. These children are watching and learning too. Never pay back disgrace with disgrace.

3. Your presence matters
Quality time is all well and good but it’s not the same as quantity time. Sometimes, fathers make the mistake of trying to bribe their children with gifts instead if spending quality time with them. 

As a loving father, make the time. Everyone has the same 24 hours available. Make yours count when it comes to your children.

4. Provide for your children
As best you can, provide the needs of your children. Material provisions can be tough when jobs are lost and tough times hit. However, you can always provide a stable home with love and affection and with the little money that comes in.

5. Don’t forget Discipline
Children appreciate an even hand, balance, accountability, and love – drenched discipline. It’s called consistency and, without clearly defined boundaries, it is very difficult to grow up.

6. Place value on Education
Don’t just read to your children, read with them. Don’t just fuss about grades; get involved with their homework. Don’t just talk about learning, be a hand – on advocate. Let them know how much you value their education through your presence and actions.

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7. Raise them to be Independent
The simple goal of being a family and parenting children is to raise them well equipped to leave home and establish good, successful and independent lives.

8. Teach them to love life
The best predictor of happiness in children is happiness in their parents. If parents learn how to love life and teach their children the same, they will be prepared for satisfaction no matter what life brings their way.

9. Give more affection
A father's loving touch sends a message to your child that words can’t always convey. A kiss on their forehead, a hug and pat on their heads for no reason goes a long way in showing them how much you love them.

10. Never abuse your children
Besides hitting, never be verbally cruel to your child. Never call him stupid, an idiot, or any name that makes him think he’s less than the special child he is. Make it your goal to give your kid so much love and praise that it gives him a high-self-esteem problem.

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