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Wednesday, January 04, 2017


Written by: Ekwegbalu Nnamdi

Many times our ladies are caught in a web of wonder, where they continuously ask themselves questions such as, "he stopped calling me after our first date, I wonder what happened?," worse still is " his interest in me changed after we interacted, now he has reduced me to a mere sex-mate/toy"

Can I attempt to address this issue?

I would try as much as possible to keep it short. I know how much you would love to get back to viewing pictures, for the latest fashion trends and celebrity gossips. A good number of our ladies wonder why they don't attract the kind of men they desire: men of value and substance, not knowing that they don't have what it takes to attract such men.

The sad reality is that you don't necessarily attract who you want, but you attract who you are. The question then is, Who are you? I understand that many of our young ladies, pride themselves in the fact that they are sexy and irresistible, sufficiently endowed and a total package.

But may I re-define sexy for you? Sexy isn't necessarily about your boobs, or butts, it's more than that, it is the way you walk, the way you talk, and especially the way you think or reason. Every real man understands, that a lady's mindset is what would raise his children, not her body or looks, so he prioritizes a lady that he can build with, not just someone he can chill with.

Which one are you? Here is the camouflage, you may think he is proud of you because he shows you off to his friends just like some newly acquired trophy or mere acquisition, while for some others that's a luxury he can't afford to give you.

But you must understand that some jewelries are better displayed than kept. Because like such jewelries, though a lady be seemingly beautiful, her mindset can still be chronically defective or ugly.

Here is the fact, mindset is what separates the best from the rest, we must understand that to change our lives, we must first change ourselves, then to change ourselves, we would have to first change our mindset.

It's funny how much of embellished falsehood we swallow every day. We now only seek the convenient rather than take time to grow and advance ourselves. This becomes evident in the way we reason and interact with others, because when we open our mouth we afford others the opportunity to discover how very little, or absolutely nothing we know.

Many are totally bereft of initiative, incapable of starting or sustaining meaningful conversation. That's indeed a sad situation, such persons seem to be most suitable for the kitchen and the other room! Your mindset is what gives you value, not your physical looks or attractiveness, go for value today! 

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