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Saturday, January 21, 2017


Written by: Success Nmesoma and Muoka Chibuzor

Infatuation is liking everything about a person, and seeing them as perfect. You do not see their flaws, just overlook them and act like they are perfect. Not to be confused as love in which you see their flaws, and just accept them.
1. The First stage – Conception of Infatuation
You saw a beautiful lady.
You like her.
You think nothing but her, she made you lose sleep thinking how best to woo her.
You fought relentlessly to win her attention.
While she does initial pretence, ladies are known-for.
You lose sleep because you want her more than anyone else.
You pray in silence and hope it happens.
You wake up in the middle of the night to send her text romantic messages.
You swore to love her.
You call her sweet pet names to soften her resolves.
You adore all her imperfections.
You love whatever she put on or does.
You spend endless time and money with her without complaining.
You clean her face and wipe her tears.
You promise after promises never to make her cry.
You gently won her heart.
You made her believe in you.

2. The Second Stage – Conviction by Deception
She came to trust you.
You assure her that you will always be there for her.
You give her hope.
She believes you are different.
She believes she has found love again..

3. The Third Stage – Lust
She threw her pride away.
She forgot that value she attached to herself.
She has refused everyone that compete with you for her attention.
You could now hold her phone all day long.
She now tells everyone who cares to listen that she has found love at last.

4. The Fourth Stage – Evaporation of Desires
And now.........You are thinking of how best to break up with her.
You begin to avoid her. Her presence now choke you up.
Her voice now irritates you.
She is now cheap to you.
She is now a whore because she gave her being to your enjoyment.
You yelled at her over little issues.
You now clearly see where she had stretch marks.
You now see that her English is filled with blunders.
She is suddenly from a poor background and she is not your class.
You now see flaws not beauty.

Remember this.........Every act on earth has a pay back. And the payback always comes in the right proportion. You deceived her and had your ways and now you think she is useless and cheap. You were only fortunate. With time she will forget you but you will also receive disappointment where you had full hope.
Same applies to the ladies who deceive Men.

Change your ways today

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