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Monday, January 02, 2017

The Second Chance of God

Written by: Muoka Chibuzor

Life is full of opportunities, some are frequent while the others are occasional. The opportunities we are examining are the ones that will contribute to the whole well-being of Mankind in various areas of life.

Occasional events are often given higher priority than frequent events. Not that frequent events have no significance. But drastic and resounding changes are made in history when occasional events take place. Occasional events are usually being referred to, even when the key players in its actualization are dead.

The Opportunities of God are occasional and should not be toyed or joked with.
Every hook, line, and sinker of such opportunities, should be identified by the individual concerned.

Mankind was originally granted the natural free will of choice, this has been a tool for constructive advancement or destructive disappointment. Most times Humans get easily carried away and they think they are getting it alright or maybe playing smart.

But who can outsmart God? Probably, no one.

Unknown to them, they are leaving diamonds and are struggling for clay. Forgetting that all those who worked with God, are saints worthy of emulation as godly leaders in their areas in life.

Every Man has an assignment on earth, and failure to discern it and work towards its accomplishment is a great loss to Mankind. Most times, the Second chance is offered by God to people who neglected or relegated the opportunities he gave them at first for other things that they found fanciful and more important, and of which were totally out of Gods original plan for them. The second chance of God Comes at the eleventh hour...or never.

Remember, the biblical Samson who almost traded his God-given opportunities for the love of a woman not destined for him. And that created a leeway for the enemies to bring about his early death.

He had his second chance to kill most of his Philistine enemies, which was predestined for him. By pulling down the pillars of the building, but by then he was already a blind man, and he died along with his enemies. A punishment for deviating from Gods original plan.

The Second chance occurs in the eleventh hour in which the individual is in serious regrets for the ill use of opportunities God gave him. At this time, the individual involved might be thinking that God is done with him/her and has no need whatsoever for them. Due to the treacherous lifestyle they led.

Our God is peaceful and loving, and in situations whereby we show remorse for our mistakes and show true repentance, acknowledging him to be God and handing over the steering wheel of our life to him the sole driver, he often gives a second chance. A chance a father would gladly offer his prodigal son who turned a new leaf.

Have you toured the paths of abuse and misuse of God-given opportunities?

You have to row back your boat of adventure to the land of refuge and return to your father. Seeking for forgiveness and a Second chance.

When the biblical Jonah tried running away from his destiny and assignment, which was a rare opportunity for God to decide to use one... it was an act of stark foolishness.
But God gave him a second chance at the eleventh hour when the boat he was in was about to sink.  If the boat had sunk and Jonah died, what would have been the fate of men and women dwelling in Nineveh? They will perish in sin.

He taught Jonah that he is a God of impossibility by making a shark become a vehicle at the eleventh hour.

Our God is praised!

The dangers of obstinacy at the eleventh hour are irreparable and detrimental.
An obstinate housefly who refuses to hear and see the reality of a burial rite follows the corpse to the grave. What a loss! What a shame!  A gross disappointment!

So many destinies have remained intact and untapped, trapped in the casket.
No wonder a famous philosopher, once said - the graveyard is the wealthiest place to be. He said that when he discovered the huge amount of untapped destinies that were buried.
Most of these are dead people with great opportunities buried six feet below the biosphere.

Some of their contributions would have contributed to life in a tremendous way and would have been of great importance to mankind, assuming they utilized their opportunities very well. Only a few among the called, eventually utilized their opportunities and engraved their footsteps in the sands of time.

What is that assignment you are destined to carry out?

What have you replaced it with?

Do you think you are doing yourself better, hiding (a great potential) from humanity?

These are questions we have to ask ourselves and reflect on it. If you discover that you have erred from Gods plan in your life, due to your obstinacy and ignorance. You are expected to ask God to give you a Second chance.

Tell God in prayers that you have discovered your folly and you want him to grant you the opportunity to make amends for your past mistakes.

Believe you me, God will give you a listening ear. Because he is a God of Second Chance.

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