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Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Slaves Who Love Their Chains

Written by: Mayowa Adeniyi

While walking around the faculty of Engineering of the University of Lagos on one evening, I saw a statue of a man tied to a chain that runs from his neck to his hands. After examining the statue, I got an insight into this topic.

Do you know that many are slaves who love their chains? This is a situation that happens to many people in life and relationships regardless of their personality, profile, and position. Chains place a man in bondage and prevent him from experiencing freedom.

He might make progress in other areas of his life but his liberty in that area where he's being tied is jeopardized. These chains are invisible to sight but can be seen by only those whose spiritual understanding have been enlightened.

A man becomes a slave who loves his chains when he's tied to a destructive habit or addiction and yet takes glory in it. You'd become a slave who loves his chain when you choose to remain in an abusive relationship and you're fully aware of it.

This kind of people also brags about their bondage because they lack understanding. Singles who boasts with their sexual prowess, their perverted sexual knowledge, and exposure without crying for freedom are slaves who love their chains.

Finding it very difficult to forgive a person that has hurt you while you beat your chest in the assurance that they'll pay for it indicates that you love your chains.

Being tied to pornography, masturbation, and other sexual sins and yet you appraise yourself only shows that you lack understanding of what is right.

Married people aren't left out of this menace. Keeping secret relationship that your spouse isn't aware of and you're confident in it on the grounds that you know what you're doing only tells that you're a slave who loves his chain.

Believing that all men are liars or promiscuous and this informed your decision to embrace extramarital affairs clearly indicates that you're a slave that loves his chains.

Thinking it's impossible to be faithful to your spouse as a man and that led you into extramarital affairs, shows that you love to be in bondage.

Why would you allow your bondage to destroy your life and eternity?
Why would you give the devil the opportunity to keep tormenting you in that bondage?
Why would you choose to remain a slave of that habit or activity?

Have you been held in this situation for long and you think there's no point of seeking freedom? Do you even think freedom is impossible because 'everyone is doing it'? You can be delivered if you choose not to remain in that bond.

Mind you, anyone that commit sin is a servant of sin. All these habits and addictions are sinful. Jesus came to set the captives free and your situation is just a tip of an iceberg He will effortlessly solve. There's total freedom in Christ. If He can save me from pornography, masturbation, and other sexual sins, your case isn't difficult.

If He can save the adulterous woman who came to Him, He will deliver you totally. To be delivered, you must do the following....

1. Hate that habit passionately.

2. Seek to be delivered.

3. Come to Jesus, confess your sins, ask for forgiveness and turn away from it.

4. Prayerfully break every grip of that habit over your life. 

5. Change your company.

6. Get closer to God. If the Son (Jesus) set you free, you are free indeed (John 8:36).

Remember, God loves you, He has provided Jesus for your deliverance but He dislikes it when you choose to remain in that sinful state. 

Stretch out your arms to Him and you will be delivered from your bondage.
Don't be a Slave Who Loves being in Chains.

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