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Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Nigerian Universities and Cultism

Written by: J.P.C.Uzuegbu

Many Lives have been wasted, education terminated, destinies ruined, families kept in anguish and the general society bearing the brunt. You can see that this ignorant voyage among our teenage youths has eaten of the substance of our society.

Cultism is now regarded today as campus routine by many. If I may ask, what is an Average University supposed to be or look like? Is it not an Institution for the promotion and dissemination of advanced learning, conferring of degrees and engaging in academic research? Thus, students today, call it “campus”.

An anonymous writer describes the campus as a camp of its own in a diaspora characterized by affluence, influence, and felony. Yet, it is a “Cul-de-sac” whose entrance and exit route is knowledge. As there are thousands of people in it, so are thousands of individualities.

Recently, a Reverend Bishop sent his daughter, whom he brought up with the fear of God, to university, only to be mad at her when he found her turned to a felon.

CULTISM, on the other side, is an informal or adopted word portraying secret cult groups and its practices. Though many scholars and individuals had given one definition or the other of “cultism”, the end point remains that “cultism” is an evil practice of violence and felony related matters found among the contemporary teenagers and youths.

Although eyes have been focused on higher institutions, the secondary school in our country today serve as a nursery tray for this unconstitutional formation and practice. Quite known to many practitioners, secret cultists worship deities.

The Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary of Current English equally defines cult societies/practices as an evil worship, especially to a single deity. Indeed, most cultists do not understand that they worship deities.

What are the synonyms of Cultism? They are – devotion, idolatry, veneration.

The ones who, today, beat their chest and say that they know the intricacies of these practices regrettably may know little or nothing compared to the engagements of the subsequent and immediate predecessors.

The Names of Cult groups and their Members
There is nothing on earth, which has no name. A name could be in alphabetical letters or numerical figures, according to the understanding of those involved. Some signs have no names, hence, one may equally include signs as names to things, persons, groups, and places.

However, cult groups in our society are identified by names. These names given to them can be anything, like; 444, Big Dads, 50/50, Lion Hearts etc. This is usually so with names of cult groups because of the way those involved see it.

Certainly, most of the names emerge out of passion or act of model copying. Some are as a result of belief, while some claim norms and value as being responsible for the kind of names they answer, both as individuals and as a group.

Nevertheless, some old and common names of cult groups easily identified with Nigerian Universities and some secondary schools in these present days, include the following:

1. Pyrates Confraternity - known as Ahoy.

2. Buccaneer Association of Nigeria – known as Sea Lords, Alora, Bucketmen.

3. Vikings Confraternity – known as Norsemen, Badgers, Aroe, Adventures.

4. Eternal Fraternity order of the Legion Korsortium (Efolk) – also known as K.K, Klansmen Confraternity, Ave.

5. The Neo Black Movement of Africa – also known as Black Axe, NBM, Ayes, Amigos, Axemen.

6. The Brotherhood of the Black Brigade – Often addressed as B.B, Two-Two, Sons of Darkness (SOD), Twins, and Black Beret.

7. The Family Fraternity – Mafia Confraternity, CIAO, Sons, Cosanostra.

8. The Maphites Organization – Flamers, MAF, OMNI.

9. Supreme EIYE Confraternity – Association of Air Lords, Haba Krier

10. Mgba Mgba Confraternity

11. Jurist Group

12. Black Cat

13. Black Cross

14. X confraternity, etc.

The following are some of the female cult groups –

1. The Jezebels

2. The Amazons

3. The Pink Ladies

4. Black Braziers

5. Charlie’s Angels

6. Cosmic Queens

7. Daughters of Doom

8. Orange Girls, etc.

The Activities of Various Cult Groups
Concerning the activities of the various cult groups in Nigerian Universities, it is certain that their names contribute extremely little or nothing. Even though they could come with exotic names like the Pirates and Vikings, they demand so much from their members: a covenant with Satan through the blood oath, a lifetime of slavery and absolute loyalty, etc.

Surely, they will promise much in return: money, fame, jobs, and security, but all are deception. Their activities could be said to have started decades after 1952 – when undergraduates of the University College Ibadan established the Pirate Confraternity for humanitarian activities.

Since then, cult groups have painted their activities red. In the bush, they chant songs and phrases with too many vowels, punctuating the chants with gunshots. In our campuses, their work is manifested in many deaths, robberies, and sundry nefarious activities.

As days go by, more and more groups are formed which has resulted in the nefarious and wicked activities that touch all and sundry. Even though many cults groups claim before the society that they are pure and innocent of scandalous activities, the struggle for supremacy, revenge and violence are evidence of their lies.

In the campus, cultists easily deceive freshers confronted with new variations of knowledge. They routinely tell them that their conducts and actions are distinguished and incomparable. Some of these groups claim to be mere social clubs, yet their secretive nature, even in their most common affair exposes them all.

I remember very well that in my days in the campus, various categories of them arose. Some categorized themselves as Intelligent Boys, The Wise Men, Fine Boys, The Men that do with reasoning, etc. luring innocent and ignorant boys promising teenagers, future leaders, and special talents into their devilish groups.

I tell you, young man, count not on their lies. If a mad man could not admit himself mad, what more of these deceitful cultists! I must tell you the truth, no matter how different any of them may try to convince you concerning their activities or trying to prove to you that cult groups differ according to norms and values. Heed not to his/her preaching.

What else would he/she want to claim they do, is it not to say:
1. How they drink and have fun together at joints.

2. How they flex around the campus with girls.

3. How they party at intervals.

4. How they are their brother's keepers – visiting each other and fighting for each other, defending the absurd interest of each other.

Cult groups also perform sacrifices in different forms and shapes. That is why I keep reminding you that there is an evil undercurrent in cultism. Minus the human sacrifice which is rare anyway, so many members, are ignorant of the evil force and power connected with their utterances, identification slogans, songs, and anthem, name it.

You may ask how?

Yet, if you ask a cultist the meaning of the vowel he muddles and vogue song he sings, surely how will not be able to tell. If ever you come to know the interpretation of the songs, you will really know that one simply invites devil for himself.

Apart from that, gatherings like gyration circles, initiations and parties symbolize submission of oneself to the invisible deity Satan which indirectly means that they submit and sacrifice their body, soul, and spirit to a dark power, which controls them.

That is why you see one doing what he or she will ordinarily not want to do.

Oh! Do you not know that whoever that seeks finds, and those who ask receive, while those who knock, the doors are opened to them? Maybe you say this is a biblical precept. But I tell you that it is equally manifesting with man and Satan.

Now, if you consider violence, extortion, thuggery, use of drugs, charms and juju, alcoholism, pride, lavish lifestyle and unnecessary shows, even womanizing, you find out that there is no other nefarious activity new or unknown that is not found among the numerous Nigerian cult groups.

Many of these are conveyed to you in this article. So be wise, identify them and avoid all, for your own good.

To be continued… Next, we will look at
1. The Type of People found in Cult groups in Nigerian Universities
2. How to identify Cultists at the University
3. Evaluation of any possible gain in Cultism
4. How to avoid being lured into Cultism

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